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20 Ton Cable Powered Transfer Cart Used In Pakistan

The Aicrane AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer cart has been put into use in Pakistan. It runs on the rail for transporting many construction materials on the construction site. This electric transfer cart can move loads from outside to inside. Please continue to read this post to know about the case.

cable drum cart for sale
Cable Drum Transfer Cart In Pakistan

20 ton transfer cart for sale
20 Ton Transfer Cart In Pakistan

What Are The Technical Parameters Of AQ-KPJ Transfer Cart?

Parameters Of AQ-KPJ
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance≤200m
Control modebutton / remote control

Many Features Of 20 Ton Cable Drum Transfer Cart

The AQ-KPJ cable drum flat cart is our popular lifting machine, and the following features can guarantee the safe and convenient operation.

  • It is necessary to install the rail if you plan to use the cable drum powered flat cart.
  • The transfer cart is equipped with a motor, and it is powered by the cable drum, which belongs to an electric machine.
  • Our rail transfer cart is with automatic stop devices, limit switches, and the function of automatic cut off power on rail.
  • The size and frame of the table can be customized in accordance with customer’s requirements, and the brand of the motor can be determined by customers.
Transfer Cart Uaed On Construction Site
20T Transfer Cart On Construction Site
AQ-KPJ transfer cart
AQ-KPJ Cable Drum Flat Cart

Why Did The Customer Choose The Cable Drum Transfer Cart?

  • In this case, the customer needed a machine to transfer loads from inside to outside, and the distance is relatively short. For cable drum powered flat cart, it is suitable for transporting materials for a short distance.
  • This kind of transfer trolley has unlimited using time and has no strict requirements for the construction of rail. Therefore, the customer finally determined to choose the machine for his project.

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If you have interest in the machine, welcome to contact us, we also have other types of transfer carts. For example, you can find battery transfer cart, trackless transfer cart, and rail powered transfer cart, etc.

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