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Slipway Winch

Slipway winch plays an important role in the maintenance and repairs of boats and ships. It can move boats or vessels in and out of the slipway onto the dock. This kind of winch can be powered by electric motor or hydraulic pump station according to customers’ requirements. If you have many boats or ships to be pulled out of the water, this machine is ideal for you.

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Winch For ships maintenance

60 Ton Slipway Winch Solution For Shipyard

We have exported a 60 ton friction type slipway winch for an Indonesian customer. The customer has a large shipyard in Indonesia, which is mainly in business of new ships manufacturing, old ships repairing and boats maintenance.

  • The customer found Aicrane website at Google by searching the key word “slipway winch”, and he was interested in the winch solutions on Aicrane website. He thought that our winch solutions would meet his needs.
  • During cooperation, the customer expressed that he had an old 30 ton winch, but the tonnage of the ship that could be pulled is relatively small. Besides, the winch needed frequent maintenance. He planned to build a new slipway yard and install a winch with larger rated load to pull the larger tonnage ships, which would expand his shipyard business.
  • We finally advised the customer to choose the 60 ton electric friction winch solution to be equipped with a tension monitoring system, by considering the overall procurement cost and budget, site condition, actual tonnage requirements for pulling the boat, etc. The customer was satisfied with the solution.
  • The production cycle of the winch is 60 working days, and it has been assembled and debugged before shipment. It reached in Indonesia on time, and now the customer uses this winch every week to complete the launching of new ships and the shore maintenance of old ships. The customer expressed his satisfaction for the machine.

60 ton winch in Indonesia
60 Ton Slipway Winch

Visit The Customer
Visit The Customer’s Shipyard

Finished machine
Finished Winch In Our Factory

  • The 60 ton winch is designed and customized with an independent console, and it is also equipped the winch with an LCD display screen. Therefore, the relevant data of the equipment work and the pulling force data can be displayed on the screen of the console in real time when the boat is pulled.
  • The operator can sit in front of the console in the operating room and complete every boat pulling and releasing work. Recently, the customer contacted with us for designing tension detection and display systems for their two old winches, which make their work more intelligent and efficient.

Electric Cabinet And Control Console of the winch
Electric Cabinet And Control Console

Load Cell of the winch
Load Cell

The following video is about the pulling test of the friction winch in our factory. We can see it works well during testing.

The following video is about 60 ton slipway winch installed in Indonesia. In this video, you can see many parts of the winch. If you have interest in this case, welcome to contact us.

What Are The Popular Slipway Winches In Aicrane?

Aicrane has the ability of designing and manufacturing different slipway winches for customers. For example, we can provide the friction type slipway winches, single drum winches, and hydraulic/diesel powered slipway winches (by customers’ needs) for customers. Among these winches, the friction winch is the most popular with our clients.

The friction type winch uses the friction between the wire rope and the drum to generate tension. Compared with single drum slipway winch, the friction winch will not produce wire rope deflection angle, which can reduce the wire rope wear and increase wire rope service life. Besides, the tension and speed of the winch are constant, and the whole machine operates stably.

Parameters Of AQ-JMM
Load capacity0.5~100 t
Wire rope capacity20~5000 m
Working speed5~20 m/min
Power supply220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
Customized service provided

electric friction winch for sale
Electric Friction Winch

Aicrane friction winch for sale
Friction Type Slipway Winch

friction winch pulling boats
Friction Type Winch Pulling Boats

What Are The Parts Of Friction Winch?

  • 1: Friction Drum Group: It is equipped with transmission mechanism, which consists of electric motor, reducer, gear plate and brake. Besides, the friction drum group should have power source. It is also with rope groove, which can increase the friction between wire rope and drum.
  • 2: Rope Storage Drum: The drum of friction winch is only used to store the wire rope, and it can’t provide tension. The rope storage drum can be synchronized with the friction drum group, and the rope storage drum is generally equipped with rope guider because is not far away from the friction drum.
  • 3: Pressing Rope Device: The pressing-rope wheel and the pressing-rope device can prevent the wire rope from loosening in non-working state.

Friction Drum of the winch
Friction Drum

Rope Storage Drum of the winch
Rope Storage Drum

Pressing Rope Device of the winch
Pressing Rope Device

Another popular solution is the AQ-JM electric construction winch for pulling boats. Generally, when the number of wire rope layers of the single drum winch exceeds 7 layers or the wire rope deflection angle is greater than 3°, the rope guider should be added. Besides, the distance from the single winch to the fixed pulley is about 10 times the length of the drum, which will take up more space.

The work speed and tension of each layer of the single drum winch are not the same. The tension of the first layer is the largest, and the speed is the lowest. The outermost layer has the least tension and the fastest speed. 

Parameters Of AQ-JM
Load capacity0.5-200 ton
Wire rope capacity20-3600m
Working speed5~20 m/min
Power supply220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase
Customized service provided

JM20T Electric Winch
Single Drum Slipway Winch

AQ-JM Winch With Rope Guider
Single Drum Winch With Rope Guider

Introduction – Two Main Ways Of Pulling Ships

In general, there are two main ways to make pulling operations – pulling ships using rails and pulling ships using air bag. Customers usually choose to install the rail for pulling ships, which is the more economical way for customers. During cooperation, we should determine a specific way to move ships.

Using The Rail Moving Ships

This way is about putting the ships on the rail trolley, and the winch will move the rail trolley on the rail. If you choose this method to move your ships, the following details should be determined.

  • The weight of the largest ship and the weight of the track trolley.
  • What is the slope of the slipway?
  • What is the speed requirement of the track trolley along the rail?
  • How many meters is the length of the slipway?

Pulling Ship Using Rails

Using Air Bags Moving Ships

This way is more safe. The air bag is like an elastic cushion, which has good flexibility. It allows the hull to pitch freely during the landing process, so that the structure of the hull will not be damaged. This pulling way is with simple equipment, easy maintenance, suitable for different types of ships ashore. The following details should be determined.

  • The weight of the largest ship pulled.
  • What is the slope of the ground?
  • What is the moving speed of the ship?
  • The length of the movement of the ship.

Pulling Ship Using Air Bag

Different Applications Of Slipway Winch For UAE

Slipway winch is an ideal machine for boats/ships/vessels maintenance, repairs, and it can also be used for dismantling old ships. It can pull your boats or ships out of water smoothly, which will help you improve the working efficiency.

Dismantle Old Ships
Other Applications

Notice: If you need a marine winch for dismantling old ships, and moving the old ships on land. It is not easy for calculating the amount of tension required, you are required to provide the tension of the winch and rope capacity.

Winch For Maintenance And Repairs
For Maintenance And Repairs
For Dismantle Old Ships
For Dismantle Old Ships

Why Do Customers In UAE Purchase Aicrane Slipway Winch?

  • High-Quality Winch: Aicrane has own factory to guarantee winch production. We adopts advanced production machines and technologies to manufacture winches. During production, our production team always pay more attention to the quality of winches. In addition, we have special testing room for winch inspection before shipment.
winch production
Winch Production In Factory
  • Solution Providing: We can provide the complete slipway winch solution for clients. The customer only needs to provide the max. Dead weight of vessel they plan to pull, slipway slope, vessel’s move distance during pulling, type of slipway (airbag/rail cart), required pulling speed, etc. Moreover, We can provide related equipment such as wire rope, pulley blocks, wire rope slings, airbags and so on.
  • Great Services: Our customer can enjoy our one-stop service, including customized service, production picture providing, shipping and installation arrangement, installation and maintenance support. Our customers usually satisfied with our services. Welcome to contact us.

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