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Transfer Cart

Transfer cart is a safe and flexible machine, which works on the floors for loads transportation, and it has easy installation and reliable operation. It is the cost-effective choice for customers, widely used in manufacturing plant, steel mill, calcium carbide plant, and fabrication workshops, etc.

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transfer cart for sale

Case Shows Of Transfer Cart

Aicrane has delivered different types of transfer carts to UAE. The following cases can be your reference, which includes 10 ton battery transfer carts and 16 ton trackless flat cart.
trackless flat cart
  • 16 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart To UAE

    Aicrane 16 ton trackless transfer trolley was delivered to UAE. The electric flat cart is with U-shaped frame design to be suitable for loads which are easily scattered. The machine will be applied for transferring granite slabs, and it is operated by remote control.
    During cooperation, our engineers advised the customer to choose the electric flat cart without track according to the actual working condition. The running distanceTrackless transfer cart is not limited.

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battery transfer cart for sale
  • 10 Ton Battery Flat Cart In UAE

    Aicrane has exported a 10 ton AQ-KPX battery transfer cart to UAE, and the machine now works well in the customer’s steel manufacturing plant. This equipment is powered by battery, and the rated load is 10 ton. This customer is a steel products manufacturer, and the battery transfer cart is used for moving steel materials from outside to inside. The customer expressed that he would like to cooperate with Aicrane again because of the high quality of the machine.

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10 ton battery cart
  • 10 Ton Battery Transfer Cart For UAE

    The 10 ton material handling trolley is put into use in UAE, and it is battery driven machine. This equipment is applied in the customer’s steel structure processing plant to move steel structure components.
    After installing and debugging the machine, the customer said that he was satisfied with Aicrane product and service. The service includes providing production pictures and installation guidance online, etc.

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Varied Transfer Carts Solutions Provided By Aicrane

Aicrane specializes in the design and production of a variety of electric flat carts. There are battery transfer trolley, rail flat cart, cable drum powered cart, trackless transfer cart and other special carts.

Battery Transfer Cart for sale
AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart

AQ-KPX electric flat cart is battery powered, and the batteries supply electricity to the DC motor through the electrical system. This transfer cart also can be used in flammable, explosive environment.

Advantages: This kind of machine is with no requirements for insulated rail, and the running distance of AQ-KPX series electric transfer cart is not limited. It is suitable for long distance transportation and low using frequency operation. Compared with AQ-KPJ and AQ-KPD series flat cart, the machine is more safe and flexible.

Parameters Of AQ-KPX
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Battery voltage24~72V
Running speed0~30m/min
Control modebutton / remote control

AQ-KPJ Electric Flat Cart
AQ-KPJ Cable Powered Transfer Cart

AQ-KPJ series railways flat carts are powered by the cable drum. The transfer trolleys get power AC 380V through the device of cable reel which is installed at the bottom of the cart.

When the running distance is more than 50m, the cable arranger should be equipped to arrange the cables. Besides, the running distance of this machine can reach 200m.

Advantages: Compared with AQ-KPD series, this kind of transfer trolley has no strict requirements for the construction of rails.

Parameters Of AQ-KPJ
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance≤200m
Control modebutton / remote control

Rail Powered Cart
AQ-KPD Rail Powered Transfer Cart

AQ-KPD transfer cart is powered by rails, and it is with low voltage power supply. The rail powered flat cart has safety and mobility, and it has high requirements for track construction, and the track should be insulated. It has remote control and continuous adjustment.

Features: This flat cart is also not limited by the distance. However, when the running distance is over 70 meters, more transformers are required to compensate for the pressure drop of the rail.

Parameters Of AQ-KPD
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance50~80m
Control modebutton / remote control

Trackless Flat Cart
AQ-BWP Trackless Flat Cart

Trackless flat cart is our popular material handling equipment, widely used in the factories, tunnels, docks, engineering and ports, etc. The machine has high use rate and can transport a wide variety of loads.

Features: It can be called rubber wheel electric transfer cart, which adopts solid PU rubber wheel with good mobility. For this kind of transfer cart, and it is no need to install the rail on the ground, it can directly work on flat hard road and ground, and cement floor. Besides, the trackless flat cart is powered by battery.

Parameters Of AQ-BWP
Load capacity2t~100t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1080~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Control modebutton / remote control

In accordance with different loads to be handled and many special customized needs, we also have ladle transfer cart, coil transfer trolley, die transfer cart, turntable transfer cart, industrial transfer cart, and hydraulic rail transfer cart, etc.

  • Ladle Flat Cart: The machine is used for moving the ladle. It can tilt the ladle at an angle to dump the molten out of the ladle. The ladle flat cart has electronic weighing scale system to accurately scale the weight of molten steel to ensure safe production.
  • Hydraulic Rail Transfer Trolley: It has advantages of convenient operation and easy lifting. What’s more, two machines can lift the heavy loads together, so does one machine. The lifting height can be designed in line with customer’s requirements.

ladle electric transfer cart
Ladle Flat Cart
Hydraulic rail transfer trolley
Hydraulic Rail Transfer Trolley

U-frame transfer trolley
U-frame Transfer Cart
turntable transfer cart
Turntable Transfer Cart

Wide Applications Of Transfer Trolley For UAE

  • Aicrane motorized transfer carts have wide applications to meet customers’ different needs. For example, the machine can be used to transfer steel pipes, steel coils, ladle, dies, minerals and other materials.
  • You can find it in different industries, including mine industry, steel industry, chemical industry, and construction site, etc. Generally, the customers choose a motorized transfer trolley depending on the actual working conditions and loads to be transferred.
Transfer Cart Applications
Transfer Cart Applications

Main Features Of Transfer Cart For UAE

  • Electric flat cart is an excellent and economic choice to handle heavy loads for long distance transportation.
  • Transfer cart is with compact design, which usually works well in areas with limited floor area.
  • The table of the flat cart can be customized to be suitable for different loads like steel pipes, metal coils, ladle, dies, etc.
  • Aicrane transfer trolley has safe and flexible operation, and long service life.
  • This kind of machine is with high efficiency, easy installation, less maintenance and large adjustment range.
  • This machine can work with overhead crane and gantry cranes to transport heavy loads, and Aicrane can provide bridge crane for customers together.
  • The motorized transfer trolley is with remote control, and can control the direction of motion or steering.

How Can You Choose An Ideal Transfer Cart?

Our project consultant and technicians are always here to provide cost-effective and suitable solution for customers. If you want to get an ideal equipment, the following information should be determined.

What are the application of the electric flat cart?
  • Aicrane transfer carts can be used in varied working conditions to handle kinds of loads. We should know the customer’s project working site and what type of materials to transfer.
The budget of your project
  • We should know your project budget, because our transfer trolleys have various prices. Some customized modes and electric flat carts with higher performance and special configurations may have higher prices.
Determine the parameters of the transfer cart you need
  • Type of the transfer cart: Aicrane has various electric flat cart solutions to meet different customers’ demands. The battery powered flat cart, trackless flat cart, cable powered flat cart, rails powered transfer trolley, and other customized electric transfer carts can be your great choices.
  • Rated load of the machine: Aicrane can provide kinds of electric transfer trolleys with different load capacities, and it can be determined by the materials to be moved.
  • The size of the table: It is also related of the materials you plan to handle, which can be customized in accordance with customer’s requirements.
  • The running distance of the electric flat cart: Our technicians will provide the most suitable transfer cart solution for you depending on the running distance of the equipment.
electric flat cart for sale
Aicrane Transfer Cart For Sale

Excellent Services For Customers In UAE

Aicrane has excellent one-stop service, and our customers in UAE always think highly of Aicrane service. Welcome to contact us and looking forward to working with you.

service team
Aicrane Project Consultant
Aicrane engineers
Aicrane Engineers
after-sales team
After-sales Service Team

Pre-Sales Service

After receiving the inquiry, the consultant project will discuss the requirements with customers, and then convey customers’ requirements to technicians.
The technicians will offer customized drawing & solution for customers from UAE.
The project consultant & Production manager and technicians & management will have zoom meeting with customers to communicate with the details.

Sales Service

The project consultant & technicians submitted & confirmed drawing & solution.
During production, out customer service specialists will update production process for customers.
After production and inspection, the shipping & documents team will prepare and confirm customs clearance documents.

Installation Service

The customer service team provide installation manual video and arrange installation service in advance; The installation engineers provide installation guidance online or on the installation site.

Maintenance Service

The after-sales specialists regularly notice the use of the machine and provide maintenance service. In addition, Aicrane has own warehouse in UAE to store accessories, which can provide accessories fast if the machine needs to be repaired.

Welcome Customers From UAE To Visit Our Factory

Aicrane has professional factory, skilled production team and advanced production machines to manufacture various electric flat carts. We welcome all customers to visit our factory.


What Are The Customized Options Of Battery Transfer Cart?

  • 1. Load capacity, the size of table and rail gauge can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • 2. The remote radio control (imported or made in China) is optional.
  • 3. The electric flat cart can be equipped with automatic stop device and limit positioning device.
  • 4. Battery type can be optional, including free maintenance battery, lithium battery, explosion-proof battery, and anti-high temperature battery.
  • 5. The battery transfer cart can be equipped with DC motor with brush and DC motor without brush.
  • 6. There are exported and domestic electrical parts for your choices.
  • 7. About the cable drum powered flat cart, the spring type, magnetic coupling type and locked-rotor motor type cable drum can be optional.

How About The Maintenance Of The Battery Of The Transfer Cart?

For battery transfer cart, the battery is an important part. Generally, the service life of the battery is about 2.5 years, so the operator needs to maintain it regularly. What should be mentioned for the battery maintenance?

  • 1. When you remove the battery, you had better lay it flat and be careful not to turn it upside and down.
  • 2. When the electric transfer cart is charging, the battery should not be covered with anything to prevent overheating and damage.
  • 3. The electric flat cart should also avoid overcharging, overdischarging, strong charging, and undercharging, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the battery.

What Are The Package And Delivery Of Transfer Cart For UAE?

Our transfer trolleys are usually packed in standard export wooden boxes, which have the function of anti-collision. When it comes to delivery, our machines always reach their destination on time because of our professional shipping and documents team.

Whether The Electric Flat Cart Color Could Change?

The default color is yellow. If you have special color requirements or want to print logo on the machine, you need to inform in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.

What Are The Payment Methods We Can Accept?

The payment methods Aicrane can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. What’s more, we will also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. Additionally, Aicrane can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Aicrane Products?

Our warranty period is 1 year, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year , we will provide free replacement parts.

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