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Aicrane Products

Aicrane specializes in design, production, and installation of overhead crane, gantry crane, construction winch and marine winch for your project. We will provide customers with one-stop service if customers purchase these products from Aicrane. Looking forward to working with you!

Overhead Crane

We have AQ-LD cost-effective single girder overhead crane, AQ-HD European type single girder crane, AQ-NLH European standard double girder overhead crane, and AQ-QD heavy double girder bridge crane for your choices.

double girder crane in Aicrane

Overhead Crane UAE

Aicrane specializes in design, production and installation of overhead crane UAE. A variety of overhead crane solutions can be provided, which is suitable for different customers’ projects. Overhead crane is widely installed in steel industry, mine industry, manufacturing industry, chemistry ...
single beam overhead crane for sale

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Aicrane single girder overhead crane is with simple structure, easy operation and less maintenance, which can be used in steel products manufacturing plant, machine producing factory, warehouse, chemical plant, etc. Aicrane will provide customers with ideal solutions. Besides, Aicrane single ...
high-quality double girder overhead crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Aicrane has rich experience in providing double girder overhead cranes suitable for different industries. Our double beam bridge cranes come in various types and capacities to meet various needs of customers. With the lifting capacity up to 500 ton, Aicrane ...

Gantry Crane

Aicrane can provide various types of single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane and container gantry crane for different applications.

gantry crane in railway

Gantry Crane UAE

Aicrane specializes in manufacturing gantry crane UAE for different industries. You can find single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, European standard gantry crane, semi gantry crane and RTG gantry crane in shipyard, warehouse, assemble and installation plant, and ...
European type crane

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Our company can design and manufacture various types of single girder gantry crane, which can be with normal design, European standard design, semi gantry design, and rubber tyre design. These gantry crane solutions will be provided according to the customers’ ...
5 ton gantry crane in UAE

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane is ideal for handling and moving heavy loads indoors and outdoors. Generally, the lifting capacity of a double girder gantry crane can reach hundreds of tons. It is widely used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, railways, concrete ...
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane is an ideal lifting solution with flexible operation. It is widely used for a variety of industries like concrete precast, bridge construction, logistics park, assembly & maintenance plant, and railway, etc. Customers can get suitable RTG ...


Aicrane has construction winch and marine winch for different engineering projects and marine environments. These winches can be divided into electric winch, hydraulic and diesel winch, etc.

8 and 10 ton electric winch

Construction Winch

Construction winch is usually designed with electric power, hydraulic power and diesel power. It is widely used in different engineering projects on land and along the coast to lift, pull or drag heavy objects. Aicrane has provided suitable winch solutions ...
hydraulic mooring winch

Marine Winch

Marine winch is mainly used for marine environments, which consists of mooring winch, anchor winch, towing winch, slipway winch, and marine capstan, etc. In addition, Aicrane marine winch can be divided into marine electric winch and marine hydraulic winch. Our ...

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