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Rail Transfer Cart

Rail transfer cart is the material handling machine running on the rail. Compared with other lifting equipment, this machine is more safe and flexible, which can work indoors and outdoors. Generally, it can be powered by battery, cable drum and low-voltage rail, etc. Rail transfer cart is widely used in various manufacturing plants, warehouses and chemical industries.

Aicrane rail flat cart
Rail Transfer Cart For Sale

Many Rail Transfer Cart Cases For UAE

Aicrane rail transfer trolley is popular with customers in UAE, and they have purchased so many transfer carts from Aicrane. For example, the following battery flat cart, U-frame transfer cart and cable drum powered transfer cart can be your reference. If you plan to get a similar flat cart, welcome to contact us.
battery transfer cart for sale
  • 10 Ton Battery Transfer Cart For UAE

    The 10 ton AQ-KPX battery transfer cart has been exported to UAE, and the machine is used to transfer steel materials from outside to inside in the steel manufacturing plant. This flat cart is powered by the battery, and it is with remote control.
    This customer said the battery transfer cart helped him work more efficiently, and it had simple operation. Our products and services have given this customer confidence, and he expressed his willingness to cooperate with Aicrane again.

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U-frame cart
  • 20 Ton U-frame Transfer Cart For UAE

    The Aicrane 20 ton transfer cart for steel coils handling has been delivered to UAE, and it is used for transporting steel coils in the factory. The rated load is 20 ton, and it is operated by remote control.
    The table is designed with U-frame in accordance with the customer’s needs, which can prevent materials falling off the transfer cart.

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cable transfer cart
  • 10 Ton Cable Transfer Cart For UAE

    This 10 ton AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer cart has been shipped to UAE, and it will be installed in the customer’s workshop to transfer heavy components of machines together with his overhead crane.
    During cooperation, the customer said that the table size needed to be customized, and our technicians have provided suitable solutions according to the materials to be handled.

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What Kind Of Rail Transfer Carts Can Aicrane Provide

According to various power sources, Aicrane can provide battery transfer cart, cable drum powered flat cart and rail powered transfer cart for customers. As a powerful transfer cart manufacturer, Aicrane has skilled design team and production team. Therefore, many special transfer carts can also be found in Aicrane.

battery flat cart for sale
AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart

AQ-KPX battery transfer cart is powered by battery, which has more safe and flexible operation compared with cable powered transfer cart and rail powered transfer cart. This kind of cart runs on the rail, and the running distance is not limited.

The DC motor has the advantages of stable start, big starting power, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage and long service life, etc. The battery of this kind of transfer cart needs maintenance regularly, and its lifetime is usually 2.5 years.

Parameters Of AQ-KPX
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Battery voltage24~72V
Running speed0~30m/min
Control modebutton / remote control

cable transfer cart
Cable Drum Powered Flat Cart

AQ-KPJ transfer trolley is powered by the cable reels. With its simple structure and low price, this series flat cart is more often used to transfer materials for a short distance. The load capacity of the cart is not limited and it can be used frequently.

Compared with AQ-KPX battery flat cart, the using time of this transfer trolley is not limited. Besides, compared with AQ-KPD series flat cart, it has no strict requirements for the construction of the railway.

Parameters Of AQ-KPJ
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance≤200m
Control modebutton / remote control

Rail Powered Cart
AQ-KPD Rail Powered Transfer Cart

AQ-KPD low-voltage rail powered transfer cart is powered by rail sliding line. It is suitable for the environment of heavy load capacity, high using frequency and not too short running distance.

If the running distance exceeds 70m, you should use more transformers for compensating the voltage which has been lowered.

Parameters Of AQ-KPD
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance50~80m
Control modebutton / remote control

  • About the ladle dumping transfer cart, this ladle can be tilted on a certain angle, and the transfer cart will pour out the molten metal from the ladle. This kind of transfer cart is equipped with electronic weighing system, which can accurately scale the weight of molten metal to ensure safe production and improve production efficiency.
  • The explosion-proof climbing transfer cart has many advantages of strong climbing ability, stainless steel wheel, anti-explosion and can be applied in shipyards.
  • The electric transfer cart for battery molten salt electrolysis is composed of two sets, matching with molten salt electrolysis furnace.

ladle dumping machine
Ladle Dumping Transfer Cart
Aicrane electric flat cart
Horizontal Movement Rail Flat Cart
Explosion Proof transfer trolley
Explosion Proof Climbing Rail Transfer Cart

Hydraulic Rail Transfer Cart
Hydraulic Rail Transfer Cart
U-Frame Electric Flat Cart
U-Frame Electric Flat Cart
Special Flat Cart
For Battery Molten Salt Electrolysis

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What Are The Features Of Aicrane Rail Flat Cart?

  • Simple & Stable Structure: Rail transfer cart is composed of the table, battery, cable, three-in-one electric motor, pendant and remote control, steel wheel, and electric cabinet, etc. The simple structure can guarantee convenient operation and easy maintenance. Besides, the wheel bearing of our transfer cart is made of integral cast steel, and that can guarantee complete coordination with the body frame, and greatly enhance the stability.
  • Cost-Effective: This machine is more economic compared with other lifting equipment, and it has long service life, which is a popular material handling machine in the market.
  • Safe Operation: Aicrane rail transfer trolley can be with automatic stop devices(when detecting obstacle or person), limit switches, and the function of automatic cut off power on rail. If the machine will be used in many special environments, it will be equipped with matching protective devices.
Cable drum powered rail transfer cart
AQ-KPX Cable Transfer Cart

Custom Options Of Aicrane Rail Transfer Cart

Generally, many customers purchase the machine to be used in different industries and transfer various materials. Therefore, the customized service can be kindly provided according to the actual working conditions and customers’ demands.

  • The size and frame of the table can be customized. For example, we can provide the U-frame transfer cart for customers. This kind of flat cart is specially designed for transporting the cylindrical products like steel coils which are easy to roll and drop. Besides, the frame can be removed so that the flat cart can also transfer other materials. The customer can also choose stand-off, tilting, flat deck, V-deck or other custom shaped table.
  • The color of the machine can be determined by customers’ requirements. The default color of Aicrane transfer cart is yellow.
  • The brand of the battery and motor can also be changed if our customers have specific demands. We usually purchase these devices from well-know domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • The rail gauge is also an important specification. If the customer already has own steel track, we can provide a matching flat cart with suitable rail gauge.
  • If the machine needs to be used in special environments like many factory with high temperature, it should be designed with many protective measures.
Mobile Cable Powered Rail Transfer Cart
Mobile Cable Powered Transfer Cart
transfer trolley for sale
Low-Voltage Rail Powered Transfer Cart

Why Customers In UAE Usually Choose Aicrane?

There are so many transfer carts manufacturers in the market, why our customers choose Aicrane? In the one hand, we have skilled team to provide customers with excellent service. In the other hand, Aicrane is with own large-scale factory, which make sure that we can produce flat carts fast and professionally.

Excellent Service Introduction

Aicrane has professional service team to let customers enjoy the one-stop service. Besides, We have set up the warehouse in UAE to store accessories.

Fast Response

Our service is available at 7*24hours every week. If the customer sends an inquiry to us, our service team will quickly contact with the customer to know the customer’s needs.

Transfer Cart Solutions Providing

Our project consultant and technicians are always here to supply great transfer cart solutions and help customers choose the most suitable transfer cart.

Customer Service

The customer can receive many production pictures about the flat cart during production provided by our customer service team. Besides, our customer service team will arrange shipping and installation issues in advance.

Installation Service

Transfer cart is a machine with simple structure, and it is easy to install. Therefore, our technicians usually guide the customer complete the installation online.

Aicrane Factory Introduction

The professional factory can make sure that our customers can receive high-quality products. Our products are all inspected carefully before shipment.

Constact Aicrane For A Free Quotation!

If you have interest in Aicrane rail transfer carts for sale, welcome to contact us. In addition to this kind of flat cart, Aicrane also has trackless transfer carts, which are popular with so many customers. Expect to receive your inquiry.

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