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Aicrane Solutions

In addition to overhead crane, gantry crane, and winch, Aicrane also has travel lift, steel structure, and transfer cart, etc. Welcome to contact us, and Aicrane project consultant and technicians will provide the most suitable solution for you.

Travel Lift

boat lift

Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lift is a kind of flexible boat lifting equipment, which is with safe and reliable operation. Our travel lift owns diesel generator to provide power, and the whole machine is with hydraulic drive. It is widely used in ...

Steel Structure

steel structure workshop for sale

Steel Structure UAE

Aicrane is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing steel structure for UAE. The steel structure is with light dead weight, high strength and large span. We can provide different steel structure solutions for customers, such as industrial workshop, large warehouses, ...

Transfer Cart

Battery Transfer Cart for sale

Transfer Cart

Transfer cart is a safe and flexible machine, which works on the floors for loads transportation, and it has easy installation and reliable operation. It is the cost-effective choice for customers, widely used in manufacturing plant, steel mill, calcium carbide ...

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