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Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lift is a kind of flexible boat lifting equipment, which is with safe and reliable operation. Our travel lift owns diesel generator to provide power, and the whole machine is with hydraulic drive. It is widely used in yacht club, shipyard, wharf, and water amusement park, etc. Aicrane can provide suitable travel lift for your boats, ships or yachts.

boat lift

Aicrane Travel Lift For Sale

Model: Mobile Boat Hoist
  • Load capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5m-25m
  • Lifting speed: 0-3m/min
  • Travelling speed: 0-40m/min
  • Operation mode: cabin/remote control
  • Work duty: A6-A8
  • Customized service provided

Product Application:

Aicrane marine travel lift is used for boats launching and ashore, and it can also transfer boats and yachts to the repair workshop. You can find it in different places, especially in shipyard.

Different Marine Travel Lift Solutions For Customers In UAE

  • Aicrane specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of marine travel lifts. The travel lift can be with four wheels, eight wheels, sixteen wheels and thirty-two wheels. The travel lift with four wheels and eight wheels are generally suitable for relatively light lifting operations compared with sixteen wheels travel lift and thirty-two wheels travel lift.
  • Additionally, the design of lifting belts will also be changed when the customer needs the machine with different lifting capacities.
  • According to the boat size, the customer’s budget, the project working sites and customer’s requirements, our project consultant and technicians will provide the most suitable marine travel lift solutions for our customers.
four wheels travel lift
Boat Hoist With Four Wheels
mobile boat hoist
Travel Lift With Eight Wheels
marine boat lift
Tracel Lift With Sixteen Wheels
Aicrane boat hoist for sale
Marine Travel Lift With Thirty-two Wheels

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Wide Applications Of Marine Travel Lift UAE

The marine travel lift is usually used at yacht clubs, aquatic training centers, aquatic entertainment centers, naval bases, large shipyards, ports and docks, etc. It can carry boats or yachts with different tons (10t – 1200t).  Aicrane can design an ideal machine in accordance with the actual working condition.

The boat hoist can be used for carrying boats out of water and the launching of new boats.
travel lift in shipyard
Mobile Boat Hoist In Shipyard
For Transferring Boats

The customer can also use the machine to transfer boats or yachts to the repair and maintenance site. The steering mode of the mobile boat hoist includes: straight movement, oblique movement, 90 lateral movement, pivot steering, forward swing, retral swing, and Ackerman steering to guarantee flexible operation.

Many Advantages Of Marine Travel Lift For UAE

  • Aicrane boat hoist has no damage for the boat during transport because the machine has many protection system.
  • The tires of our mobile boat hoist has no skid during transport and pour scroll without slippage, which can guarantee the stable operation.
  • This kind of machine is with flexible steering control, synchronous detection feedback control, and multi-point sync lifting control, etc.
  • The spare parts like hydraulic and electrical accessories of the marine travel lift produced by our company adopts domestic and foreign famous brands, so the quality can be guaranteed.
  • The distance of lifting points is adjustable, and the tire travelling structure is simple.
  • The connection between main beam and end beam is articulated form.
  • This machine can remove the partial stress caused by travelling on the bad road.

What Are The Marine Travel Lift Parts?

Marine travel lift is mainly composed of steel structure frame, lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, lifting point adjusting mechanism, steering mechanism, electrical control system and power and hydraulic system.

  • Power System: The electrical system uses “CAN” business technique, which has high precision positioning with a variety of sensors. The power and hydraulic system is equipped with engine unit, generator set and hydraulic station.
  • Steel Structure Frame: Aicrane travel lift has gantry structure, and the gantry crane is with high-strength material and variable section design. The entire steel structure frame is designed with a “C” type, which could successfully convey the boat that exceed the height of the travel lift itself, solving the limitations of travel lift. The main beam and the end beam adopt semi-rigid and semi-flexible structure design, which efficiently releases the steel structure frame’s torsional stress caused by the uneven ground.
  • Lifting Mechanism: The parts of lifting mechanism include hydraulic winch, wire rope, pulley block, sling, fixed trolley, and mobile trolley, etc. Each lifting point of the hoisting mechanism can work synchronously or independently. At the same time, the fixed pulley block is movable to meet the hoisting requirements of different boat size. The soft and strong sling is used to pull the force position of the bottom surface of the boat evenly, which will not cause damage to its surface and structure.
  • Travelling Mechanism: The travelling mechanism consists of many tires, and the travel lift can move in different road conditions like cement, sand, etc. The travelling speed is step-less adjustable and the travelling is smooth and shock free.
travel lift components
Parts Of Aicrane Travel Lift

Package & Delivery & Installation Of Marine Travel Lift For Sale

Package & Delivery: The tires and steel frame structure are packed in waterproof color band cloth, and we adopt export anti-collision wooden boxes to pack the cabin and electrical devices. When it comes to delivery, Aicrane has professional shipping & documents team to book container and prepare and confirm customs clearance documents. After that, the production team will load the machine into container and deliver to port.

travel lift delivery
Delivery Of Boat Hoist
boat lift for sale
Cabin Packed With Wooden Box

Installation: About installation of travel lift, we usually dispatch engineers to the installation site to help the customer complete the installation and debugging working. If the customer has rich installation experience, we can also only provide installation guidance online.

travel lift installation
Installation Of Boat Hoist
boat hoist installation
Travel Lift Installation

Enjoy Aicrane Excellent Service For Customers In UAE

Our customers can enjoy the one-stop service from travel lift solutions provided to machine maintenance. Our service is available at 7*24 hours, and welcome to put in touch with us.

  • Aicrane has skilled and professional project consultant and technicians, and they are capable to supply the most suitable marine travel lift solutions in line with your projects. Welcome to contact us.
  • During production process, the production pictures or videos will be offered by Aicrane customer service team regularly. The customer can know the production progress according to these pictures.
  • We can provide operator training services, including operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc. Our after-sales specialists will regularly contact with customers to know the operation of the machine. Besides, the warehouse has been built to store accessories in UAE. When the customers’ travel lifts need the replace accessories, we can provide for them fast.
  • Aicrane Project Consultant For the UAE

Welcome Customers To Visit Aicrane Factory!

Aicrane warmly welcomes customers to visit our factory. Aicrane factory is with large scale, and the skilled production team, advanced production machines and technologies can make sure all products have high quality and great performance.

As one of the reliable boat hoist manufacturers, we only provide clients with suitable boat hoist solutions to suit their requirements and our boat hoist price is very reasonable and competitive in the market.

Before shipment, every part of the travel lift will be inspected strictly. Most customers think highly of Aicrane machines after visiting our factory. The following pictures and video are about our factory details and some travel lift production process.

debugging of travel lift
30T Boat Hoist Debugging In Factory
Aicrane factory
Travel Lift In Aicrane Factory

FAQs Of Travel Lift

What Factors Will Affect Marine Travel Lift Price?

  • Lifting capacity: Aicrane has various marine travel lifts with different lifting capacities. The machine with higher lifting capacity will has higher price. For example, 100 ton travel lift has higher price than 50 ton travel lift under the same condition.
  • Size of the boat hoist: The larger the size of the machine is, the higher the price will be, which will use more raw steel materials. The size of the travel lift is determined by the dimension of boats to be transported. Therefore, the customer should tell our project technicians the information before quotation.
  • Work Duty: The work duty of the travel lift will affect the price. Generally, the machine with higher work duty will has higher price.
  • Many external factors: The cost of raw materials, the transportation cost and the policy will influence the marine travel lift price.

What About The Electric Control And Safety Protection System?

  • Aicrane boat hoist has sound and light alarm, engine abnormal alarm, hydraulic system abnormal alarm, etc. Besides, the manual release device is provided to lower the vessel when the power source fails, which will protect the vessels and yachts.
  • Besides, the machine also has overload protection, wire rope stall protection, voltage-loss protection, anti-skid device, emergency stop device, safety braking protection, and brake failure protection.
  • Our marine travel lift adopts the operation mode of cabin control + remote control, which is flexible and convenient. At the same time, the remote control displays the lifting weight of each lifting point, and low battery alarm, oil temperature alarm, hydraulic oil low level alarm, hydraulic oil temperature alarm, emergency stop button and other functions.

How To Guarantee The life Span Of Our Boat Hoist in Marine Environment?

In order to guarantee the corrosion resistance of the boat hoist, we will perform the following treatments:

For the steel frame of the machine, we will make shot blasting and spray epoxy zinc-rich primer painting after cutting. In addition, there will be base coat, middle coat, finish coat, three layers painting totally, which all have high corrosion resistance, strong adhesion features to ensure that it reaches the ISO standard derusting grade.

What’ more, we will design rain cover for motors, electrical appliances, and lifting parts to avoid the entry of rainwater.

How About The Marine Travel Lift Preventive Maintenance?

  • In order to guarantee the efficiency and safety of operation, it is necessary to maintain the travel lift regularly.
  • The hydraulic oil level should be checked, which is related to the power supply.
  • Check the wire rope to make sure it can work well.
  • Inspect the steering mechanism and tires to ensure the flexible steering and travelling.
  • Inspect the slings of the machine, and the machine will be damaged if the slings have quality problem.
  • The cabin or remote control system should be inspected to guarantee the smooth starting.

What Are The Operation Procedure Of Travel Lift?

  • The operation procedure includes: The mobile boat hoist moves to the landing stage; The boat hoist lifts a boat out of water; The boat hoist transports the boat to the shore. The procedure of lifting a boat out of water is the most important.
  • With direction from the spotter, the operator moves the travel lift into position over the lifting pound with slings jointed using strap pins with their safety cages in place and are facing away from the boat and secured with the safety pin.
  • Slings are lowered into the water to a depth where the vessel being lifted can be manoeuvred into position over the slings and secured squarely in pound so that the boat is square with the lift. Besides, slings are raised underneath the boat and aligned vertically with lifting points for the boat.
  • All lifting points are raised until clear over the pounds wheel guard and just high enough to clear any obstacles along the path to the lifting pound. While in transit lower to near ground level whenever possible. Adjust tilt and trim as necessary using individual lift points.
  • All lifting points are raised until clear over the pounds wheel guard and just high enough to clear any obstacles along the path to the lifting pound. While in transit lower to near ground level whenever possible. Adjust tilt and trim as necessary using individual lift points.
  • Once the vessel has been secured, the slings are lowered and separated if necessary for the return trip to the lift pound. The slings are reconnected before arriving at the pound.

Whether The Winch Color Could Change?

The default color of our mobile boat hoist is blue and white. If you have special color requirements or need to print logo, you had better inform in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.

What Payment Methods Can Aicrane Accept?

The main payment methods Aicrane can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. What’s more, we also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Aicrane Mobile Boat Hoist?

Our mobile boat hoist has one year warranty. If any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.

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