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Steel Structure UAE

Aicrane is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing steel structure for UAE. The steel structure is with light dead weight, high strength and large span. We can provide different steel structure solutions for customers, such as industrial workshop, large warehouses, livestock and poultry breeding house, office building, exhibition hall, steel bridge and commercial building, etc.

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steel structure for sale

Focus On Customer Cases In UAE

Aicrane has exported various steel structures to UAE, including steel structure workshop, steel grid structure, and steel bridge, etc. Sometimes, we will provide overhead crane together with steel structure workshop according to customers’ needs.
Aicrane steel bridge
  • Steel Bridge For UAE

    Aicrane has exported the steel bridge for UAE. This customer searched the keyword ” steel structure” at Google, and then he found that Aicrane could design and manufacture a variety of steel structures. During cooperation, Aicrane technicians have provided the most suitable solution for his project. Therefore, the customer was satisfied with Aicrane service.

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Aicrane steel structure for sale
  • Steel Structure Workshop Delivered To UAE

    The steel structure workshop is used for manufacturing hollow brick. It was designed in accordance with the customer’s requirements. During production, our customer service team has updated production pictures for the customer. Besides, the installation was smooth under the help of Aicrane installation team.

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crane and steel structure to UAE
  • Steel Structure & Single Girder Overhead Crane To UAE

    Aicrane has delivered single girder overhead crane and steel structure warehouse for the customer from UAE. This overhead crane is applied for lifting finished machines in the warehouse.

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Steel Structure For Other Countries

The following pictures are about hangar steel grid structure in Somalia, steel structure workshop and single girder overhead crane in Uzbekistan, and steel workshop and double girder overhead crane in Chile.

Varied Solutions For Customers

Aicrane steel structure for sale is mainly composed of portal steel structure, steel frame structure and steel grid structure. Our skilled technicians will provide the most suitable steel structure solutions for customers.

Portal steel structure is widely used as single-storey industrial and civil buildings, such as warehouse, workshop, hangar, exhibition halls, poultry house, and greenhouse, etc.

Steel Structure Workshop

  • The load-bearing structure adopts equal section or variable section solid web steel frame, and the enclosure system adopts single-storey building with light roof panel and wall panel. The skylights, ventilators and daylighting bands can be set according to the needs of ventilation and daylighting. Because it has the advantages of large span, simple installation, economic cost, the steel structure is favored by customers all over the world.

steel structure for sale
Steel Structure Workshop

overhead crane and steel structure
Overhead Crane & Steel Structure Workshop
grid steel structure for hangar
Hangar Steel Structure

Steel Structure Poultry House

The steel structure poultry house mainly includes chicken house, hens farm, and cow shed building, etc.

Maintenance System Of Poultry House

  • 1. Roof & Wall Maintenance System: Poof Panel(EPS/Fiber Glass Wool/Rock Wool/PU Sandwich Panel or Steel Sheet Cover) And Accessories.
  • 2. Feeding and Drinking System: Various feeding and drinking water systems are according to customer choices; The poultry could feed on the ground or in the cage. The poultry house design of chicken farm building could be customized.
  • 3. Temperature control and epidemic prevention: It can cause long-term effects on poultry production.
  • 4. Lighting and Ventilation: We have enough windows and vents for lighting and the installation of exhaust fans, which can guarantee the poultry house with appropriate lighting and good air environment.

Chicken House
Steel Structure Chicken House
Poultry Shed
Steel Structure Poultry Shed
Cattle Farm
Steel Structure Cattle Farm

Many Advantages Of Portal Steel Structure

  • Steel structure workshops has convenient demolition and environmental protection, which can be recycled many times.
  • Large -span steel portal frame can use variable section to save steel materials and ensure that the beam-column joint has strong bending resistance.
  • The lightweight roof can significantly reduce the vertical load and seismic action from the structure to the foundation, and the foundation can save a high cost.
  • The steel structure workshop can be used with various types of overhead cranes. In the actual engineering cases, more than 50% steel structure workshops are equipped with bridge cranes.
  • The steel structures have stable performance and long service life. As long as the steel frame is inspected regularly and properly maintained, it can generally be put into use for decades.
  • The portal steel structure for UAE has large span and space to meet the customer’s requirements, and it usually uses relatively less steel. The span of single-span steel structure workshop is generally 10-35m, which is economic and easy to use. Besides, it is durable to withstand heavy wind, snow and earthquakes.

Steel frame structure is suitable for multi-strorey office buildings, industrial factories, residential buildings, schools, theaters, shopping malls and other multi-storey buildings. The main load-bearing skeleton is the frame beam and column.

Advantages Of Steel Frame Structure

  • Steel frame structure makes full use of the building space, and the relatively small column section can increase the use area of the building. It can be built in a variety of normal and complex architectural styles.
  • The deformation capacity of steel frame building is more than twice higher than that of concrete frame, and the seismic performance is excellent.

Multistorey steel structure
Steel Frame Structure

steel structure office
Multistorey Steel Structure Office Building
steel structure mall
Multi-Storey Mall

About steel grid structure for UAE, there are hangar, pile shed, exhibition hall, waiting hall, stadium, grandstand awning, gas station and other large-span structures for your choices.

grid steel structure for gym
Steel Grid Structure Gymnasium
Steel Grid Structure For Warehouse
Steel Grid Structure For Warehouse
Hangar Steel Grid Structure

Why Do You Purchase Steel Grid Structure?

  • 1. The steel grid structure is with good integrity, large space stiffness and stable structure. It is a structural system with high reliability under the premise of large span.
  • 2. Grid steel structure depends on the shaft force of the rod to transfer load, and the strength of the material is fully utilized, which not only saves steel materials but also reduces the dead weight.
  • 3. This kind of steel structure for UAE uses relatively less steel materials, which is the most economic for long span buildings. Besides, steel grid structure buildings have light dead weight and strong steel extension, and excellent seismic performance.
  • 4. The space can be effectively used by the steel grid structure, and the height-span ratio of normal steel structure is 1/8 – 1/10, but the height-span ratio of grid steel structure is 1/14 – 1/20. It can reduce the height of buildings to save costs.
  • 5. It is with fast production, high degree of industrialization, and convenient shipping. Besides, grid steel structure can meet the high requirements of customers for quality and production period. The bolt balls are used to connect many rods at a point, which is convenient to install and save labor cost.

various types of steel structures

Material Of Steel Structure Building

Main Steel Frame H section steel Q235/Q355 grade steel
Welding Automatic submerged arc welding
Sub Steel Frame Angle brace L50x4, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Cross support Φ20, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Standard bolt Galvanized bolt
Roof Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Roof panel Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Walls Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Wall Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Doors Rolling door/sliding door Automatic or manual
Windows Sliding/fixed/shutter Aluminum or PVC window frame

What Are The Components Of Steel Structure?

For steel structure workshop, it consists of steel column, steel beam, rod, bracing, purlin, and roof protection materials, etc. For steel grid structure, the main parts are bolt ball, rod, and gutter support, etc.

Steel column can be a H-beam column with constant section or variable section; The commonly used welded composite steel beam is an I-shaped section composed of upper and lower plates and webs; The purlin has C type steel purlin and Z type steel purlin;

Steel Column
Steel Column
steel beam
Steel Beam
C-Type Steel Purlin
C-Type Steel Purlin

Z-Type Steel Purlin
Z-Type Steel Purlin
Straight Brace of steel structure
Straight Brace
Vertical Bracing
Vertical Bracing

Bolt Ball of steel grid structure
Bolt Ball
Support Connection of steel structure
Support Connection
Rods of steel structure

Roof Materials Of Steel Structure

  • Single Layer Colored Steel Plate: It is made of coated steel, and it is suitable for the roof, wall and interior wall decoration of industrial steel structure workshops. It is widely used because of its light weight, high strength, rain proof, convenient construction, earthquake resistance and fire prevention, etc.
  • Colored Steel Sandwich Board: It has two layers of metal panel and middle polymer heat-insulated inner core. It has simple installation, light weight, environment protection and high efficiency.
Single Layer Color Steel Plate of steel structure
Single Layer Color Steel Plate
Sandwich Board of steel structure
Sandwich Board

What Will Aicrane Do During Cooperation Process?

  • Professional project design engineers and project consultants deeply discuss product requirements and budget with customers. They will provide the most suitable steel structure solutions based on the customers’ projects.
  • Customer service specialists will follow up the execution of orders during cooperation process. They usually update production pictures regularly for customers when the steel structure is put into production, and arrange shipping and installation work in advance. These actions guarantee the smooth completion of production and timely delivery of equipment to customers.
  • Our customer service specialists will arrange installation engineers for online or on-site installation guidance in advance according to customers’ demands. Besides, we will provide operator training service (including operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, etc).
  • The after-sales specialists will pay a return visit regularly to know the usage of the steel structure. Aicrane has built overseas warehouse in Dubai, which makes it convenient to provide accessories for customer fast. For example, if you purchase steel structure and overhead crane from Aicrane, you can quickly get the replacements of some accessories.
  • Aicrane Project Consultant For the UAE
  • Aicrane has professional factory, and we welcome all of the customers to visit our factory. Besides, we support third party inspection, and we have cooperative third-party inspection agency-China SGS, and we could share their contact for you to learn more details.

Aicrane whole factory

Whole Factory

steel structure production

Steel Structure Production

steel structure production machine

Production Machine

Welcome To Contact Us!

If you are interested in our steel structure for sale, welcome to contact us. Aicrane promises that professional technicians and delivery teams are responsible for following up from project scheme design, preliminary quotation, construction drawing, production, container loading and delivery to on -site installation.

Aicrane is trying to become one of the most popular steel structure manufacturers in UAE. Our company can respond quickly to any problem within 24 hours. Additionally, we can provide customers with the most professional solutions at all stages and save the cost of the project to the greatest extent. Expect to work with you.


How To Design Steel Structure?

  • Determine Elementary Building Plan: For single-storey workshop and warehouse with simple function, we should determine the length, width, height, the information of roof and wall panel, and the door and windows, etc. We need to communicate more details with customers about the steel structure with more complex functions and larger areas in the process of determining the preliminary construction plan.
  • CModeling Calculation: When the preliminary scheme is determined, it is necessary to carry out structural calculation. After completing the calculation and determining the section profile, the quantity of engineering can be counted so as to make the quotation. The structural calculation includes: the main steel frame, crane beam, attached purlin and connecting nodes, etc. The calculation of crane beam is related to the basic information of overhead crane.
  • Profile Section And Material: Our steel structure adopts domestic hot rolled section profiles or steel plate welded profiles, and the commonly used steel grades are Q235B and Q355B.

How Can Aicrane Provide Customers With Accurate Quotation?

Commonly, steel structure is customized according to the customers’ projects. If the customer wants to get the accurate quotation, the following details should be offered.

  • Applications: You need the steel structure used as workshop, warehouse, multi-storey office or hangar, etc.
  • Number Of Buildings: Whether the customer plans to build single or multiple buildings in the steel structure project.
  • Building Dimension: The length, width and height of the steel structure should be determined. When working with overhead crane, the lifting height of the crane should be determined so that our technicians can determine the exact height of the workshop.
  • Overhead Crane Details: If you also need overhead cranes, you should tell us the number of cranes, the lifting capacity, span and wheel pressure of cranes you need.
  • Span: For portal steel structure, whether you need single span, double span or multiple span buildings.
  • Column Distance: Whether the column distance of the steel structure has clear requirements.
  • Wall Enclosure: Whether customers consider thermal insulation, whether they need doors and windows, and whether there are special requirements for lighting.
  • Roof Enclosure: It is necessary to determine whether the customer considers thermal insulation.

What About The Welding Process?

  • We mainly use double gun gantry welding, automatic welding and manual welding. Double gun gantry welding is usually used for big and long welding line. It has good straightness of welding line and high efficiency, which reduces welding deformation.
  • Automatic (arc) welding usually means submerged arc welding. It’s usually used for small welding line and corners. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, high welding quality and stability, saving material and power consumption, improving working conditions and reduce labor intensity, etc.
  • Manual welding is mainly used for some places that automatic welding can not reach.

What Types Of Overhead Cranes Can You Choose?

  • In addition to steel structure, Aicrane also specializes in manufacturing kinds of overhead cranes. For example, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, top running bridge crane, underslung bridge crane and European standard overhead crane are our hot-sale products.
  • Besides, Aicrane can also provide many special overhead cranes like explosion proof overhead crane, metallurgy overhead crane, electromagnetic overhead crane and grab overhead crane for different industries. The customized service will be offered to meet different customer’s needs.
  • Depending on different lifting capacities of overhead cranes, there are 5 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 20 ton overhead crane, 50 ton overhead crane, 100 ton overhead crane, etc.

How Can You Make Payment?

The payment methods we can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. What’s more, we can also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment,
In addition, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

How Long Is The Service Life Of Aicrane Steel Structure?

The design service life of the steel structure is generally 25 years, and some can even reach 50 years.

How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Aicrane Steel Structure?

Our warranty period is 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.

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