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Gantry Crane UAE

Aicrane specializes in manufacturing gantry crane UAE for different industries. You can find single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, European standard gantry crane, semi gantry crane and RTG gantry crane in shipyard, warehouse, assemble and installation plant, and concrete precast plant, etc. What’s more, the customized service service can be provided to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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Aicrane Gantry Cranes Used In UAE

Aicrane 5 ton double girder hoist gantry crane was installed in the customer’s warehouse in UAE. The process of installation was smooth under the help of Aicrane installation team. Now, this gantry crane works well in UAE.

5T Double Girder Gantry Crane In UAE
5T Double Girder Gantry Crane In UAE

Gantry Crane In UAE
Gantry Crane In UAE

What Did Aicrane Do For The Customer?

  • Fast Response: The customer sent an inquiry to Aicrane. He said he browsed Aicrane website at Google, and he was interested in our gantry crane and many services for UAE. Our project consultant contacted the customer soon and discussed requirements with him.
  • Providing Crane Solution: After the customer’s requirements conveyed to technicians, the technicians knew that the customer needed a gantry crane used in warehouse. Our skilled technicians advised the customer to select this 5 ton AQ-MG double girder gantry crane according to the materials to be lifted and the working condition.
  • Production Process Updated: During production process, our customer service team has updated production pictures and videos for the customer per week. The customer expressed that he was satisfied with Aicrane service.
  • Delivery & Installation Service: The shipping & documents team booked container, prepared and confirmed customs clearance documents, and then the crane arrived in UAE on time. About installation, the customer told us that he had no experience of crane installation. Therefore, we dispatched engineers to the installation sites to help them.

Aicrane Project Consultant
Project Consultant For UAE
Installation Team
Installation Team

Aicrane exported an electric single girder rubber tyred gantry crane to UAE. The lifting capacity of the crane is 10 ton. Now, the crane is used for valve maintenance at the nuclear plant in UAE. Together with the gantry crane, we also provided a European standard hoist for the customer. The customer told us that the machine helped them work more efficiently. He expressed that Aicrane technicians are professional, and they have offered suitable crane solution for his project.

10 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For UAE

Gantry Cranes With Various Applications

The wide range of shapes and sizes of gantry cranes make them adaptable for any type of industrial use. Generally, workshops, warehouses, freight yards, railroads, concrete precast plants, and shipyards use gantry cranes as their lifting solutions.

For Bridge Construction

Lifting Container In Railway

In Machining Workshop

Lifting Concrete Slab

In Manufacturing Plant

Gantry Crane Solutions Provided By Aicrane

For different business, we have kinds of gantry cranes for UAE – single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, semi gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane and European standard gantry crane , etc. Please contact us and Aicrane skilled technicians will provide the most-suitable and cost-effective gantry crane solutions for customers’ projects.

Single Girder Gantry Crane

AQ-MH single girder hoist gantry crane is widely applied for handling and unloading in open places and warehouses. The main beam can be with double cantilever, single cantilever or no cantilever design. About crane with lifting capacity below 10 ton, the wheels of the ground beam are modulated with 45# steel.

hoist gantry crane
AQ-MH Hoist Single Girder Gantry Crane

AQ-MH Single Girder Crane Parameters

Parameters Of AQ-MH
Lifting capacity3-20t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.33-8m/min
Trolley speed20m/min
Crane running speed20m/min
Work dutyA3, A4
Customized service provided

Advantages: This crane is with simple structure and relatively low cost. Besides, the crane is driven by a soft starting motor with aluminum shell, which has small start-up impact and guarantee the stable operation.

Aicrane European standard gantry crane is with frequency conversion operation, light dead weight, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, and fast positioning. Additionally, This crane has higher performance and wide applications. If you have enough budget, the European standard gantry crane will be your great choice.

European type gantry crane
Euroepan Standard Single Girder Gantry Crane

AQ-NMH European Standard Crane Parameters

Parameters Of AQ-NMH
Lifting capacity3.2-20t
Lifting height6-12m
Lifting speed0.66-5m/min
Trolley speed2-20m/min
Crane running speed3-30m/min
Work dutyA5
Customized service provided

Advantages: The crane has frequency conversion operation, high performance, and less maintenance.

Single girder semi gantry crane has legs on the one side of the main girder, and the legs can walk on the ground track while other side of the crane riding on a runway system. The crane is with easy installation and maintenance.

semi gantry crane
Single Girder Semi Gantry Crane

AQ-BMH Semi Gantry Crane Parameters

Parameters Of AQ-BMH
Lifting capacity3.2-20t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.66-5m/min
Trolley speed2-20m/min
Crane running speed3-30m/min
Work dutyA5
Customized service provided

Advantages: It is flexible, which has the function of overhead crane and gantry crane.

Rubber tyred gantry crane is usually applied for flexible operation in concrete precast plant, construction site, logistics park and port, etc. The customer can use RTG gantry crane to lift and handle concrete beams, assembling or maintaining heavy loads and positioning pipelines. This kind of gantry crane is with fast move, precise positioning, and high mobility.

  • Different Power Supply: Aicrane RTG gantry crane can be divided into electric driven crane and hydraulic driven crane.
  • Different number of wheels: The machine can be designed with four wheels or eight wheels, etc, which is determined by the customer’s requirements.
  • Steering system: The steering method of this crane includes straight movement, 90 lateral movement, oblique movement, Ackerman steering, pivot steering, forward swing, and retral swing.

eight wheels rubber tyred gantry crane
Hydraulic Powered RTG Crane With Eight Wheels

rubber ired crane for sale
Electric Powered RTG Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

AQ-MG double girder gantry crane is mainly applicable to open warehouses, freight yards, cargo handling and machine production plants outdoors. The operator can choose ground wireless remote control and cab operation.

double girder gantry crane for sale
AQ-MG Double Girder Gantry Crane

AQ-MG A-Frame Double Girder Crane Parameters

Parameters Of AQ-MG
Lifting capacity5t-500t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed1.5-11.5m/min
Trolley speed10-40.1m/min
Crane running speed16-50m/min
Work dutyA3-A7
Customized service provided

Advantages: It has the characteristics of high site utilization rate, large operation range, wide adaptability and strong versatility.

AQ-MGU U-type gantry crane is a form of double beam gantry crane with the support legs in the shape of “U”.  Besides, the main beams can be outreached on one or both sides to form cantilevers for the ease of loading and unloading on the cantilevers.

Gantry Crane With U frame
U-Type Gantry Crane

U-Frame Double Girder Gantry Crane Parameters

Parameters of AQ-MGU
Lifting capacity10t-50t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed5.9-13.3m/min
Trolley running speed31.3-40.1m/min
Crane running speed40.1-44m/min
Work duty A5-A6
Customized service provided

Advantages: The U-shaped design creates extra space between the legs and the double girders, which is suitable for hoisting objects with large size.

AQ-BMG double girder semi gantry crane combines the advantages of overhead crane and gantry crane. Compared with single girder semi gantry crane, double girder design is more suitable for heavier operations.

semi gantry crane for sale
Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

AQ-BMG Semi Gantry Crane Parameters

Parameters of AQ-BMG
Lifting capacity5t-32t
Lifting height6-12m
Lifting speed6-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed37-40.1m/min
Crane running speed37.7-40.1m/min
Work dutyA3-A6
Customized service provided

Advantages: This kind of crane has flexible operation and can save factory space

Double girder rubber tyred crane is suitable for handling long concrete beams and bridges, pipes, pillars, plates, slabs, coils, etc. In addition, it has the same features with single girder RTG gantry crane.

double girder rubber tyred gantry crane
Double Girder RTG Crane

double girder rubber tyred gantry crane
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane With Double Girder

Customized AQ-MG gantry crane: According to customer’s requirements, we can provide customized AQ-MG gantry crane for container lifting. The crane is equipped with the special lifting device to handle containers.

gantry crane in railway
Gantry Crane For Container Lifting

container gantry crane
Gantry Crane Lifting Containers

Container gantry crane: Aicrane has rail mounted gantry crane for handling containers in railway freight yards. The following picture can help you more.

container gantry crane
Container Gantry Crane For Yards

Guidance – How Do You Choose An Ideal Gantry Crane?

If you want to get the most suitable gantry crane for your business, many details should be considered. After that, our technicians will provide professional crane solutions to you.

Determine The Application Of The Gantry Crane
  • We have many gantry cranes for different applications like full gantry crane, semi gantry crane, U-type gantry crane and L-type gantry crane, etc. Therefore, the customer should tell us the project working site and what materials the crane will handle.
Your Project Budget
  • Our gantry crane are with various prices. European standard gantry crane has higher price than normal gantry crane under the same conditions because of the great performance and frequency conversion operation of European standard gantry crane. We make sure that we will supply a cost-effective solution in line with your project budget.
What Are The Parameters Of The Gantry Crane?
  • 1. The lifting capacity: Aicrane gantry cranes with various lifting capacities can meet customers’ requirements. The 5 ton gantry crane, 10 ton gantry crane, 20 ton gantry crane, 50 ton gantry crane and 100 ton gantry crane are our hot-sale machines.
  • 2. The span: Determine the span of a gantry crane is important, because it is related to how much materials are required to build the main beams and significantly affects the cost of the gantry crane.
  • 3. The max. Lifting height of the crane: The lifting height is the distance from the floor to the saddle of the hook in the highest position. It can make sure that there is enough room to lift and reposition the materials you are lifting.
  • 4. How many hours of the crane work per day? Gantry cranes with higher work duty may work longer hours every day.

Aicrane Gantry Crane Solution Advantages

Production Advantages

  • Our gantry cranes all adopts zinc rich epoxy prime, which has good corrosion resistance.
  • The motor and reducer are all manufactured by well-known brands, and they can also be selected in line with customers’ demands and budget.
  • The crane is with aviation plug, one key electrical installation. Besides, Aicrane gantry crane is designed with compact structure – shipping cost saving.
  • About European standard gantry crane, Aicrane European type crane is with European standard design and equipped with three in one variable frequency motor, which runs more smoothly. Besides, our European gantry crane has maintenance free design, no need to maintain key components such as geared motor within 5 years.

Service Advantages

  • Aicrane has professional design and service team to provide customized service in accordance with customers’ projects and requirements.
  • Aicrane is able to supply 7*24 hours after-sales service.
  • Aicrane has two main installation solutions – free installation guidance online and send installation team to UAE.
  • The package of our products are firm and safe, which minimizes the possible equipment damage in the process of transportation. According to different modes of transportation, there are waterproof cloth, bubble film, wooden boxes and pallets for choices.
  • We have rich market experience, and set up overseas warehouse in Dubai to storage accessories and so on. If our customers in UAE need to replace some accessories, Aicrane can provide replacements for them quickly.
  • The customer can choose to add our Internal of Things module, which will facilitate our side to monitor the customer’s usage data, detect abnormal data in time, and assist customers in problem judgement and maintenance reminder.

Welcome to Visit Our Factory!

Aicrane has a large-scale factory and professional production team to ensure fast production. Our steel materials and accessories are all manufactured by top manufacturers in the market. Depending on the advanced machines and technologies, our gantry cranes are always with high quality and performance. Welcome customers to contact us and visit factory or arrange third party for inspection.

Production Machine
Production Team
Whole Factory

FAQs Of Gantry Crane UAE

What Information Can Influence The Gantry Crane Price?

Aicrane has a variety of gantry cranes for sale, and many factors can affect the gantry crane price. Pay attention to the following details to know more about the price of gantry crane for UAE.

  • Lifting capacity: Commonly, for the same gantry crane, the machine with high lifting capacity has higher price.
  • Different crane solution: For example, the European gantry crane is with higher price than normal gantry crane when they have same lifting capacity and structure.
  • Work duty: The crane with high work duty means that it can work longer hours per day, which will cost more.
  • Whether you need special configurations: Some customers need specified motors or other accessories, and the price of whole crane will be adjusted.
  • Steel materials cost & Transportation cost & Policy: Higher costs of raw materials and transportation will affect gantry crane prices. Besides, the policy changes will also influence the price.

What Are The Parts Of Gantry Crane UAE?

Gantry crane is mainly composed of steel frame, trolley running mechanism, crane running mechanism, lifting mechanism and electrical control system.

  • Steel Frame: The steel frame is the main force component of gantry crane. It is composed of single or double main beam, end beam, leg and lower beam. Besides, it is also supplemented by the trolley track, walking platform, railings, ladder and other metal structures.
  • The lifting mechanism & trolley running mechanism: The lifting mechanism is used for lifting heavy loads vertically. The trolley running mechanism is the power device that drives the trolley. In order to ensure the synchronization of the driving wheel of the trolley and avoid equipment failures and safety accidents due to the rail gnawing, the trolley mechanism often adopts the low-speed shaft centralized drive.
  • Crane running mechanism: It is able to make the whole crane travel forward and backward on the track. The wheel diameter and material of the crane running mechanism are selected according to the maximum supporting force of the wheel under the most unfavorable condition to ensure that there will not be wheel overload phenomenon.
  • Electrical control system: The standard power supply is three-phase AC, and the rated voltage is 380V.

How Long Is The Delivery Time Generally?

Commonly, the delivery time of gantry crane is 20 to 40 working days. It is worth mentioning that the delivery time of the gantry crane will be longer if it is specially customized.

What Are The Payment Methods?

The payment methods include T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. Besides, we accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

How About The Package Of Gantry Crane For UAE?

The steel structure of our products are generally plastic film packaging, rain protection.
Electrical and other small parts will be packed in standard export fumigation wooden box or plywood box, and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage.

What About The Electrical Protection System Of Gantry Crane UAE?

  • Short circuit protection: The main power circuit sets automatic air switch as the short circuit protection. The control loop is equipped with small capacity automatic air switch as short circuit protection.
  • Loss of voltage protection: The circuit structure has the function of loss of voltage protection. When the power supply is restored after the power failure, the operator should press the start button and then the crane can work again.
  • Emergency power off switch: The switch is used to quickly cut off the main power supply and control loop of the crane in emergency. The emergency power off switch is installed in a place convenient for operator to operate.
  • Overload limiter: When the load reaches 90% of the rated load, it will issue a warning signal. When the load reaches 110% of the rated load, it will immediately cut off the lifting power and issue a forbidden alarm signal. The sensor of overload limiter has the characteristics of moisture-proof and earthquake-resistant.
  • Zero position protection: The zero position protection of the crane eliminates the automatic operation of the motor when the power supply is restored after the power failure to prevent accidents.
  • Broken phase, wrong phase, overvoltage, undervoltage protection: The integrated protector in the crane circuit system has the protection function of broken phase, wrong phase, overvoltage and undervoltage. The total power supply of the crane will be cut off when the above four situations occur, which can prevent personnel injury and equipment damage.

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