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Crane Components

The crane components usually include metal frame, lifting mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism, crane travelling mechanism and electrical control system, etc. There are so many overhead cranes and gantry cranes in Aicrane, This post will help know the structure of these cranes.

  • Single Girder Overhead Crane

Many Details Of The Crane Components

The steel frame, lifting mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism, crane travelling mechanism and electrical control system are the main parts of a crane. For overhead crane and gantry crane, the steel frame usually is different.

Steel Frame Of Overhead Crane

The steel frame of overhead crane includes main beam, end beam, and the trolley frame, etc. The following pictures can be your reference.

Main Beam Of AQ-LD Single Girder Bridge Crane
Main Beam Of AQ-LD Single Girder Bridge Crane
Main Beam Of AQ-HD European Standard Brige Crane
Main Beam Of AQ-HD European Standard Brige Crane
Main Beam Of AQ-NLH European Type Double Girder Crane
Main Beam Of AQ-NLH European Type Double Girder Crane
End Beam Of AQ-LD Single Girder Crane
End Beam Of AQ-LD Single Girder Crane
End Beam Of AQ-HD Single Girder European Type Crane
End Beam Of AQ-HD Single Girder European Type Crane
End Beam Of AQ-NLH Double Girder Crane
End Beam Of AQ-NLH Double Girder Crane

Steel Frame Of Gantry Crane

The steel frame of gantry crane is composed of main beam, end beam, leg, lower beam and the trolley frame, etc.

gantry crane end beam
Main Beam Of The Gantry Crane
gantry crane end beam
End Beam Of The Gantry Crane

crane leg
Leg Of The Gantry Crane
lower beam
Lower Beam And Crane Travelling Mechanism

Mechanism Parts Of Cranes

  • The lifting mechanism is the core of a crane, which can realize the materials loading and unloading, and the manufacturer should guarantee the safety of the lifting mechanism. It consists of motor, reducer, shaft coupling, brake, drum group, hook, and pulley block.
  • The trolley travelling mechanism will drive the trolley for horizontal movement, and it is composed of motor, reducer, brake and wheels parts. The wheel is modulated with 45# steel, and it is quenched.
  • The crane travelling mechanism can make the whole crane move on the track, and it is mounted on the end beams at both ends of the crane. This crane running mechanism has similar parts with trolley running mechanism, which includes motor, reducer, brake and wheels parts.
crane travelling mechanism
Crane Running Mechanism Of Overhead Crane
crane running mechanism
Crane Running Mechanism Of Gantry Crane

trolley of the crane

Crane Operation Modes

The crane operation modes include cab operation, ground wired handle operation, and ground wireless remote control operation, etc. Double beam bridge and gantry crane are commonly operated more by cab. The cab is with a better vision, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

cab of the crane

Electric Control System

Electrical components are important parts of electric control system, whose quality directly affect the quality and safety of crane use. It mainly includes resistor, relay, contactor, CAM controller, linkage console, travel switch and frequency converter.

Electrical Resistor of crane
Electrical Resistor
Console of crane
Cam Controller of crane
Cam Controller

Other Devices Of Cranes

  • Brake: The brake device is an important part of crane mechanism and plays an important role in operation safety and performance of a crane. The commonly used brake is electro-hydraulic drum brake, and the commonly used model is YWZ4 series. The main swing hinge points of YWZ4 brake are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, which has high transmission efficiency and no lubrication is required in use.
  • Coupling: It is mainly used to connect two coaxial axis arrangement or basically parallel shaft, transfer torque while compensating a little Angle and radial deviation, and improve the dynamic characteristics of the transmission device. Commonly used couplings are gear coupling, plum coupling, elastic pin coupling, universal coupling and so on.
  • Pulley Block And Hook Group: They are important parts of the lifting mechanism, which can support the wire rope, change the direction of the wire rope and balance the tension of the wire rope. The hook group is mainly composed of hook, hook nut, bearing, hook beam and pulley block. According to the different production materials, the pulley can be cast by HT150 (usually called cast pulley or gray iron pulley), cast by ZG25 (usually called cast steel pulley), rolled by Q235B or Q345B steel plate (usually called rolled pulley).
Gear Coupling of crane
Gear Coupling
Aluminum Can Brake of crane
Aluminum Can Brake
Hook Group of crane
Hook Group
Three-In-One Reducer
Wheel of crane
reducer of crane
Reducer Of Crane Mechanism

What Hoists Are Our Cranes Equipped With?

There are two main hoists – wire rope hoist and chain hoist in Aicrane. In addition, the wire rope hoist can be divided into normal wire rope hoist and European standard wire rope hoist.

Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, and it can be installed on the I-beam or H-beam steel to complete the work alone. Besides, it can also be used with single beam bridge crane and single girder gantry crane, hoist double beam bridge machine, hoist gantry crane, jib crane and other lifting equipment.

Normal Wire Rope Hoist

  • The lifting speed of CD1 electric hoist is constant speed, which can meet the general use requirements. The lifting speed of MD1 electric hoist is constant speed + slow speed, mainly used for precision assembly, equipment maintenance and other fine workplaces.
  • The lifting weight range of CD1 and MD1 electric hoist is 0.25~16 tons. The lifting speed of HC electric hoist is constant velocity; The lifting speed of HM type electric hoist is normal speed + slow speed. HC type and HM type electric hoist lifting weight range of 16~100 tons.
  • The lifting motor of the wire rope electric hoist uses the conical motor, the motor of the constant speed electric hoist uses the ZD type single speed motor, and the motor of the double speed electric hoist uses the ZDS type double speed motor.
  • The hook group of the electric hoist is the main fetching device of the lifting mechanism. The pulley is cast by HT200 and the hook is forged by DG20. Overload limiter mainly adopts pressure type, which has alarm and power off protection function.

Normal Wire Rope Hoist

electric wire rope hoist
Wire Rope Hoist For Sale

European standard hoist

ND European wire rope electric hoist is mainly composed by motor, reducer, brake, drum group, running mechanism, hook and electric device, etc. European hoist has the advantages of stable lifting, low noise and compact structure, low headroom height, and frequency conversion, etc.

electric wire rope hoist
European Type Wire Rope Hoist

The motor of chain electric hoist has high comprehensive performance to ensure the safety and reliability of the hoist and reduce the operation accidents. The suitable headroom height effectively savesspace so that it is not limited by the narrow space.

What Are The Protective Devices Of Our Cranes?

Our cranes are with short circuit protection, loss of voltage protection, emergency stop protection, overload limiter, zero and interlock protection, break phase, misphase, overvoltage protection, and grounding protection, etc.

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