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Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane is ideal for handling and moving heavy loads indoors and outdoors. Generally, the lifting capacity of a double girder gantry crane can reach hundreds of tons. It is widely used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, railways, concrete precast plants and construction sites, etc. Aicrane technicians will provide the most suitable gantry crane solutions for different customers.

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5 ton gantry crane in UAE

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5T Double Girder Gantry Crane In UAE

Model: AQ-MG Crane
  • Load capacity: 5-500t
  • Span: 18-35m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 1.5-11.5m/min
  • Trolley speed: 10-40.1m/min
  • Crane running speed: 16-50m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A7

Case Details

A customer from UAE has purchased a 5 ton double girder gantry crane from Aicrane. The crane for UAE works with a European hoist, and used in the customer’s warehouse.

Under the guidance of Aicrane installation team on the site, the 5 ton gantry crane has been installed successfully. After debugging, this crane can lift loads smoothly in the warehouse.

What Double Girder Gantry Crane Solutions Can Aicrane Provide?

For double beam gantry crane, Aicrane can design the fit crane solutions in accordance with the customer’s project site, project budget and special requirements. Generally, there are double girder AQ-MG A-shaped gantry crane, AQ-MGU U-shaped gantry crane, AQ-BMG semi gantry crane and rubber tyre gantry crane.

AQ-MG A-frame double beam gantry crane can be used for handling both light and heavy loads, and the lifting capacity is up to 500 ton. For this kind of crane, there are two main control methods-ground wireless remote control and cabin control. It is widely found in warehouses, freight yards, cargo handling and machine production plants outdoors, etc.

AQ-MG double girder overhead crane
AQ-MG Gantry Crane

AQ-MG A-Frame Double Girder Crane Parameters

Parameters Of AQ-MG
Lifting capacity5t-500t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed1.5-11.5m/min
Trolley speed10-40.1m/min
Crane running speed16-50m/min
Work dutyA3-A7
Customized service provided

Advantages: The crane has high site utilization, high performance, large operation range, wide adaptability, long service life and strong versatility.

AQ-MGU U-frame gantry crane is a great choice for lifting large–sized materials like containers, and the span can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Compared with A-type design, U-shaped design has larger space between support legs.

Gantry Crane With U frame
U-Type Gantry Crane

U-Frame Double Girder Gantry Crane Parameters

Parameters of AQ-MGU
Lifting capacity10t-50t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed5.9-13.3m/min
Trolley running speed31.3-40.1m/min
Crane running speed40.1-44m/min
Work duty A5-A6
Customized service provided

Advantages: The crane is generally with large span.

Nowadays, rubber tyred gantry crane is popular with so many customers because of its flexible operation. This kind of gantry crane can run indoors and outdoors. It belongs to a mobile gantry crane, which is widely used in various engineering projects to handle concrete beams, assemble or maintain heavy loads, and position pipelines.

The double girder rubber tyred gantry crane is usually equipped four wheels or eight wheels, and it can be divided into electric powered RTG gantry crane and hydraulic powered RTG gantry crane. Aicrane RTG gantry crane has steering system, and the main steering methods are straight movement, oblique movement, 90 lateral movement, Ackerman steering, pivot steering forward swing, and retral swing.

double girder rubber tyred gantry crane
Electric Powered RTG Gantry Crane

RTG gantry crane for sale
Hydraulic Powered RTG crane

Aicrane rubber tyred crane
RTG Gantry Crane n Construction Site

rubber tyre crane lifting precast concrete materials
Rubber Tyred Crane Lifting Precast Concrete Materials

AQ-BMG semi gantry crane with double girder has an ideal machine to save your work place, which has both the features of overhead crane and gantry crane. Compared with AQ-MG gantry crane, this crane is more suitable for making relatively light operations. It can be installed indoors and outdoors.

semi gantry crane
Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

AQ-BMG Semi Gantry Crane Parameters

Parameters of AQ-BMG
Lifting capacity5t-32t
Lifting height6-12m
Lifting speed6-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed37-40.1m/min
Crane running speed37.7-40.1m/min
Work dutyA3-A6
Customized service provided

Advantages: flexible operation, save factory space

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Double Girder Gantry Crane Applied In Different Places

Aicrane double beam gantry crane can be found in different working conditions, including manufacturing plant, railway, concrete precast plant, and warehouse, etc. Before providing the crane solution, the customer should tell us the project sites, so that the solution will be more suitable.

Gantry Crane Installed In Manufacturing Plant

The gantry crane with double beam is suitable for so many manufacturing plants like steel manufacturing plant, machine manufacturing, paper manufacturing plant, and automobile manufacturing plant, etc. The crane can be customized to match your business.

Semi gantry crane in manufacturing plant
Gantry Crane In Machine Manufacturing Factory
double girder gantry crane in manufacturing plant
Gantry Crane In Steel Manufacturing Plant

Gantry Crane For Container Handling 

Aicrane double beam gantry crane can be used for container handling in railways or yards. We have special container gantry crane for sale, and our normal gantry crane like AQ-MG gantry crane can also be customized to lift containers.

Gantry crane lifting containers in railway: Sometimes, many export goods should be delivered by railways, and so many containers need to be handled. We can design the gantry crane with suitable lifting device to transfer containers.

gantry crane lifting containers
Gantry Crane In Railway
container gantry crane
Gantry Crane Lifting Containers

Container gantry crane in yards: Aicrane can provide customers with the following rail mounted gantry crane for lifting containers in railway freight yards specially.

container gantry crane
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane For Yards

Gantry Crane Applied For Lifting Precast Concrete Products

Aicrane can provide double girder gantry lifting crane for precast concrete plants. The following pictures are about AQ-MG double girder crane lifting precast concrete products. In addition, the RTG gantry crane is also popular with customers who have concrete precast plants. We will advise customers to choose a suitable crane for their projects.

gantry crane for sale
Gantry Crane For Handling Precast Concrete Products
rubber tyred gantry crane
RTG Gantry Crane In Concrete Precast Plant

What Should Be Considered For Selecting An Ideal Gantry Crane?

Do you want to choose a suitable double girder gantry crane for your project? The following information should be considered before purchasing a gantry crane? Welcome to contact us for a deep communication.

  • What type of the double girder gantry crane do you need? Aicrane has full gantry crane, semi gantry crane, grab gantry crane and rubber tyred gantry crane for sale. These gantry cranes are suitable for different projects, which can be determined by customers’ requirements.
  • What are the parameters of the gantry crane you need? If you are willing to get an ideal crane, please tell our technicians the lifting capacity, span, lifting height of the crane. Generally, the cranes with different parameters have different prices.
  • What materials will be handled? The lifting devices can be customized according to various materials.
  • How many hours will the crane work per day? This information is related to the work duty of a double beam gantry crane. If you need a crane to work long hours every day, you should select a crane with high work duty.
  • The customers’ project budget: If the customer has adequate budget, we will advise the customer to buy a crane with higher performance. Our engineers will supply the cost-effective crane solutions for clients.

Videos Of Double Girder Gantry Crane For Customers

We have the 3D and case videos of double girder gantry lifting crane. The 3D video can help the customer know some parts and details of Aicrane gantry crane, while the case video is about the gantry crane operation.

Studies- Process Of Providing Double Girder Gantry Crane Solutions

  • Send An Inquiry: Our customers from UAE send an inquiry to Aicrane, and then Aicrane project consultant will discuss requirements with the customers. After that, the project consultant conveys customers’ requirements to technicians.
  • Crane Solution Provided: Our skilled technicians will provide the most suitable gantry crane solutions depending on the customers’ business details and customized demands. After that, our consultant will confirm the final solution with customers.
  • Aicrane Project Consultant For the UAE
  • Crane Production: After signing the contract, the crane will be put into production. Aicrane has a large-scale factory for fast and professional production, and the gantry crane price is also factory price. During production, our customer service specialists usually update fabrication progress and finished photos for customers. We welcome all customers to visit our factory.
  • Crane Delivery: About the delivery, our customer service team will confirm the shipping time, and then shipping and documents team should book container, prepare and confirm customs clearance documents. In the end, the production team will load products in container and deliver to port.
  • Installation and Maintenance: When the gantry crane is in use after installation and debugging, our after-sales specialists usually contact with customers to know the operation of the crane. We have built warehouse in UAE for accessories storage and can supply the maintenance service for customers.

FAQs For Gantry Crane UAE

What Are Parts Of The Gantry Crane With Double Beam?

Double girder gantry crane is mainly composed of main beams, end beams, legs, lower beams, trolley, trolley running mechanism, crane running mechanism, and electric control system.
The main beams are welded by double gun gantry welding machine, which can effectively improve the welding efficiency. Besides, the U-shaped groove of the lower beam is made of automatic loading and unloading cold bending forming equipment.

What Is Double Girder Gantry Crane For UAE?

Double girder gantry crane is a type of heavy duty gantry crane, and the main beams are supported by gantry legs. It usually moves on ground track. For the rubber tyred double girder gantry crane, it adopts rubber tyres to run on the ground directly. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

What Are The Protective Devices Of Our Gantry Crane UAE?

  • The double beam gantry crane for UAE is equipped with overload protection devices, and when the overloads occur, the device will alert the operator.
  • Aicrane gantry crane has limit switches to prevent the hook from being lifted or lowered too high.
  • To guarantee the operator safety, the crane has two main control modes-remote control and cabin control.
  • In the event of an unstable voltage supply, the low voltage protection will be applied.
  • When the emergency occurs, the emergency stop button will be used to halt the crane.
  • Our gantry crane is also with short circuit protection, zero and interlock protection, broken phase, misphase, overvoltage protection and ground protection.

How Long Delivery Time Of Aicrane Gantry Crane Generally?

Generally the delivery time of gantry crane is 20 to 40 working days, and the lead time of electric hoist is 15 working days. Besides, the delivery time will be longer if the crane is customized.

What Are The Payment Methods Of Aicrane?

Aicrane can accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. Additionally, we also accept credit card payment, our Paypal account supports credit card payment. What’s more, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

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