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Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane is an ideal lifting solution with flexible operation. It is widely used for a variety of industries like concrete precast, bridge construction, logistics park, assembly & maintenance plant, and railway, etc. Customers can get suitable RTG gantry crane solutions from Aicrane, including cranes with single beam, double beam, electric power, and hydraulic power.

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Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes Exported To UAE

Aicrane has provided different rubber tired gantry crane for customers in UAE. The following cases are a single beam RTG crane for UAE and a double beam RTG gantry crane.
  • 10 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For UAE

    This picture is about a 10 ton single girder RTG gantry crane for UAE. The customer uses it for valve maintenance in the nuclear plant. It is with simple structure, such as four wheels, and single beam. This electric gantry crane is equipped with a European standard hoist to lifting loads. Before shipment, the crane works smoothly during operation test. Now, it has been installed successfully and put into use. Our customer said that he was satisfied with the crane solution, customer service and installation service from Aicrane.

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  • Double Girder RTG Gantry Crane In UAE

    Aicrane has exported a double girder rubber tyred crane to UAE. This crane is mainly used for moving steel coils in the steel products manufacturing plant. It is with double beam, and it is powered by hydraulic system. The customer said that he could use the gantry crane indoors and outdoors, and he was satisfied with the flexible operation of this crane.

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Aicrane Providing Different RTG Crane Solutions

In accordance with customer’s requirements, there are a variety of RTG gantry crane solutions can be provided by Aicrane engineers. Besides, the crane can be customized in width and height to adapt to almost any loading and unloading application.

For various structure, you can find single girder rubber tyred gantry crane, double girder rubber tyre gantry crane, RTG crane with four wheels or eight wheels.
  • Single Girder RTG Crane: Rubber tyred single girder crane is not suitable for moving overlong beams, and it can b used to transfer concrete blocks, coils, etc.
  • Double Beam Rubber Tyred Crane: This kind of crane is usually with two hooks or other lifting devices, which has stable and safe operation. If the loads need to be moved are relatively longer, double girder rubber tyred gantry crane is a good choice for you.
  • RTG Gantry Crane With Different Number Of Wheels: The number of wheels is designed to the requirements of site wheel pressure. Generally, the single beam RTG crane has four wheels while the rubber tyred double girder gantry crane for sale is with eight wheels.
single girder rubber tyred crane
Single Girder RTG Crane With Four Wheels
single girder gantry crane
Single Girder RTG Crane With Eight Wheels
double beam RTG gantry crane
Double Girder Crane With Eight Wheels

For power supply, Aicrane has full-electric RTG gantry crane and full-hydraulic rubber tyred gantry crane.
  • Electric rubber tyre gantry crane generally works with electric hoist to lift heavy loads. It is with safe and easy operation, energy saving, and high efficiency. Besides, our European standard electric hoist and chain hoist are popular with customers.
  • Full-hydraulic RTG crane is driven by hydraulic system. It has high reliability, low fuel consumption, large torque reserve coefficient engine, reasonable power matching and excellent cooling system.
Electric Powered RTG Gantry Crane
hydraulic rubber tired gantry crane
Hydraulic Powered Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Used For Different Industries

Aicrane rubber tyre gantry crane are mainly employed for handling long concrete beams and bridge girders, concrete slabs, steel beams, pipes, hollow core, and coils, etc. Therefore, you can find the crane in various industries.

  • Bridge Construction: Aicrane rubber tyred gantry crane can be used for bridge construction. You can see the following picture that, the RTG crane is lifting long concrete beams in bridge construction.
  • Concrete Precast Industry: This kind of crane is suitable for handling prefabricated concrete box girder and other concrete components.
  • Logistics Park: Commonly, the logistic park has large scale, and the crane can be turned at a right angle of 90°and transferred from one place to another with flexible operation. This kind of mobile rubber tyred crane is a suitable choice for logistic transportation.
RTG crane in bridge construction site
Rubber Tyred Crane For Bridge Construction
rubber tyre crane lifting precast concrete materials
Rubber Tyred Crane Lifting Precast Concrete Materials

Why Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Is Popular?

  • Rubber tyred crane is an ideal machine for moving long concrete beam, steel beam, or concrete slab, etc.
  • This kind of gantry crane has precise positioning, which can lift materials to a narrow place.
  • Rubber tyred gantry crane has the function of high mobility, so it can move from indoor to outdoor.
  • The crane can improve the efficiency of customers, which will save the labor cost.
  • Aicrane gantry crane is with overload limit device, anti-corrosion protection, and other safety devices.
  • It has unique correction and fine adjustment technology. Besides, all of Aicrane RTG cranes are tailor-made to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Compared with normal gantry crane operating on the railway system, RTG gantry crane is more flexible. Rubber tyre crane is equipped with steering mechanism system, which can achieve steering operation.

How Does Rubber Tyred Crane Work?

Compared with normal gantry crane travelling on rails, rubber tyred crane has more flexible operation. It has tire group as travelling mechanism. The crane can be equipped with hoist or other devices to lift materials. What’s more, for moving loads at any directions, the crane is with steering system. The steering method of rubber tyre gantry crane includes straight movement, oblique movement, Ackerman steering, pivot steering, 90° lateral steering, forward swing and retral swing.

What Services Can Aicrane Provide For Customers In UAE?

Pre-sales Service

Customized drawing & solution offered(Technicians)

Online/Offline factory visit(Project Consultant)

Zoom meeting(Project Consultant & Production manager & Technicians & Management)

Sales Service

Drawing & solution submitted & confirmed(Project Consultant & Technicians)

Production process updated(Customer-service team)

Documents submitted & confirmed(Shipping & Documents team)

After-sales Service

Installation manual/video provided (Customer-service team)

Online guidance provided (Customer-service team & After-sales Engineers)

Site guidance provided (After-sales engineers)

Overseas Warehouse
Aicrane has built a warehouse in UAE to store accessories, which can make sure that our customers can get the replacement quickly and conveniently.

Our Service Team Here

Project Consultant
Aicrane Technicians
After-Sales Team

Choosing The Powerful Crane Manufacturer – Aicrane

Aicrane is with own factory, and we specialize in design, production, and installation of various types of rubber tyred gantry cranes. Our factory is with large scale, advanced machines, and skilled staffs, which can guarantee fast production and high-quality products. Welcome to put in touch with us!

  • Aicrane Factory

FAQs For RTG Gantry Crane

What Factors Will Affect The Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Price?

  • Load capacity: Aicrane rubber tyre gantry crane can lift materials up to 500 ton. The cranes with different lifting capacities are with various prices.
  • Power source: Commonly, electric driven crane has lower price than hydraulic driven crane under the same conditions.
  • Span of the crane: Longer span design will adopt more steel materials, and the cost will increase.
  • Lifting height: The lifting height can also have effect on the RTG gantry crane price.
  • Work duty: The crane with higher work duty will cost more. The choice of work duty is determined by that how many hours the crane will work per day.
  • Other factors: The transportation cost, the cost of steel materials, and the policy all can influence the rubber tyred gantry crane price.

How To Guarantee The Crane’s Life Span In Humidity Environment?

Many customers use the rubber tyred crane outdoors. In order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the crane, we will perform the following treatments:

  • First, for the steel plate of the crane, we will make shot blasting and spray epoxy zinc-rich primer painting after cutting.
  • Secondly, there will be base coat, middle coat, finish coat, three layers painting totally. All have high corrosion resistance, strong adhesion features, and a total thickness of 105 micron to ensure that it reaches the ISO standard derusting grade Sa2.
  • Finally, we will design rain cover for motors, electrical appliances, and lifting parts to avoid the entry of rainwater.

What Are Our Payment Methods?

The payment methods Aicrane can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. Besides, we accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

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