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32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane to Saudi Arabia

Aicrane provides a 32 ton, 8.3 meter rubber tyred gantry crane for our clients in Saudi Arabia. It is a robust and versatile material handling solution designed to efficiently and safely manage heavy loads within industrial handling environments.

32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For UAE
32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Saudi Arabia

Key Specifications

  • Capacity: With a lifting capacity of 32 tons, this rubber tyred gantry crane is well suited for handling large and heavy materials with ease. Its impressive load bearing capacity ensures efficient cargo management in busy port facilities and container yards.
  • Span and Height: The crane boasts an 8.3 meter span, providing ample coverage for container stacking and retrieval. Its height, standing at 6 meters, allows for efficient vertical movement, facilitating seamless operations in multi tiered storage configurations.
  • Rubber Tyred Mobility: The rubber tired design of this gantry crane enhances its mobility and maneuverability on various surfaces. The rubber tires not only provide excellent traction but also minimize the impact on the ground, making it suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • Advanced Control System: Equipped with a cutting edge control system, operators can precisely and safely manage the crane’s movements. The intuitive interface of the rubber tyred gantry crane allows for efficient load handling, positioning, and stacking operations, enhancing overall productivity while minimizing the risk of accidents.

This rubber tyred gantry crane is a combination of high capacity, precise control, and advanced safety features makes it an invaluable asset for ports, terminals, and logistics centers seeking to optimize their cargo handling processes.

Test in the Factory

Before its shipment to Saudi Arabia, the gantry crane went through different test in our factory to ensure its smooth operation.

Steering Techniques

As it shows in the video, this gantry crane can achieve different steering techniques. It can achieve pivot steering which means it can rotate around the central point. This double girder gantry crane can also achieve lateral movement.

Hoist Operation

The gantry crane is equipped with a great quality hoist. It can help with the lifting and lowering operation of materials.

Lifting Operation

  • Hoisting Command: From the crane’s cabin, the operator issues a hoisting command through the control system. This directive activates the hoist motor, initiating the lifting process.
  • Wire Rope Movement: As the hoist motor engages, the hoist drum rotates, causing the wire rope to wind around it. This coiling action elevates the attached load vertically.
  • Lifting Height Control: The hoist movement allows precise control over the lifting height. The operator can adjust the height according to the specific requirements of the operation, whether it involves loading or unloading containers from a vessel or placing them in a storage yard.

Lowering Operation

  • Hoist Drum Reversal: To lower the load, the hoist motor undergoes a reversal, prompting the hoist drum to unwind the wire rope. This controlled unwinding ensures a measured descent of the load.
  • Hoist Brake: Integrated into the hoist mechanism, a braking system ensures the safe and precise lowering of the load. The brake provides the necessary resistance to regulate the descent speed and halt the hoist movement when required.

If you want to purchase the rubber tyred gantry cranes, free feel to contact us and get a free quote. Aicrane is a reliable and experience crane manufacturer.

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