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8T & 10T Electric Winches For UAE Was On The Way

Good news! Aicrane delivered two 8 ton and 10 ton AQ-JM electric winches to UAE. Both of these winches are with slow speed and powered by electric motor. They are used for pulling items in the customer’s industrial plant.

electric winch for UAE
8 Ton & 10 Ton Electric Winch To UAE

Cooperation Details Of Electric Winches To UAE

  • Customer Inquiry: The customer searched the key word “construction winch” at Google, and he found Aicrane website, which shows so many types of construction winches and the company strength.
  • Solution Confirmation: The customer said that he needed two construction electric winches. In accordance with the materials needed to be pulled, and the working condition, our engineers recommended two 8 ton and 10 ton AQ-JM slow speed electric winches to the customer.
  • Placing order: We told the customer that we have built overseas warehouse to store accessories, which could make sure that the customers in UAE can get accessories conveniently. The customer paid more attention to the service. After knowing the great service Aicrane could provide, the customer determined to place the order.
  • Manufacturing: During manufacturing process, our customer service team sent production pictures every week, so that the customer could know the production progress. Before shipment, these winches were carefully inspected.
  • Package & Delivery: These two electric winches and electric devices are all packed in export wooden boxes, which have the function of collision prevention. Now, our Shipping & Documents team have confirmed shipping time, and customs clearance documents, and these winches are on the way to UAE.
Electric Winch Package
Winch Delivery

  • Installation: Aicrane construction winch is easy to install, so we will provide free installation guidance online when these winches arrive in UAE.

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