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Aicrane Has Shipped Two 10T Trackless Transfer Carts To The US

Good news! Two 10 ton trackless transfer carts have been shipped to the US. They will be used in the customer’s factory to transfer steel structural components, barns, and livestock farm equipment. Trackless transfer cart is a cost-effective and flexible choice for the customer, which will help him work more efficiently.

trackless transfer cart for sale
Trackless Transfer Cart To The US

Why Did The Customer Purchase Trackless Transfer Carts?

Trackless transfer trolley is our hot-sale product, which is popular with so many customers because of its flexible operation. This kind of electric transfer cart is with high use rate and can transport a wide variety of loads.

  • Trackless transfer cart does not depend on the rail to work, it can directly run and realize in-situ 360° steering operation on the ground.
  • It is equipped with solid PU rubber wheel, and the rubber wheel has good mobility. The rubber wheel can guarantee the machine runs freely on the ground.
  • This kind of flat cart is powered by battery inside the machine, and it is safe for the user.
  • Generally, the trackless transfer cart has unlimited running distance.
  • The table size and other table requirements, running speed, and wheel base of the electric transfer cart can be customized.
Aicrane trackless transfer cart to the US
Transfer Cart For Sale
electric transfer cart for sale
Transfer Cart With Control

Other Transfer Carts You May Need

In addition to the trackless flat cart, Aicrane can provide other transfer carts for customers. For example, the battery transfer cart, cable drum transfer cart, rail powered flat cart, ladle flat cart, and hydraulic rail transfer trolley, etc. These transfer carts can meet different customers’ needs to be suitable for various applications.

Transfer Cart Applications
Various Transfer Carts For Different Applications

Looking Forward To Working With You!

If you plan to purchase a transfer cart for your business, please contact us for the free quotation. Aicrane can provide you with the most suitable solutions and excellent service. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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