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Delivery Of 10 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist To Uzbekistan

Here is a shipping news of a small lifting equipment – electric wire rope hoist shipped to Uzbekistan. The lifting capacity of the hoist is 10 ton, and the lifting height is 9m. This hoist will work with the customer’s overhead crane to lift and transfer modules in the customer’s plant.

hoist for sale
Electric Wire Rope Hoist To Uzbekistan
Aicrane electric hoist
Aicrane Wire Rope Electric Hoist

What Are The Features Of This Wire Rope Hoist?

  • Aicrane wire rope hoist is with easy installation and operation, which can work alone or be installed on the main beam of cranes.
  • This hoist is equipped with a ZD motor, which operates with single speed. Besides, the lifting speed of the hoist is normal speed, which can meet the general requirements.
  • The hook group of the electric hoist is the main fetching device, and the wire rope can lift the loads.
  • It has overload limiter, which has alarm and power off protection function and can guarantee safe lifting.
10 ton electric hoist
10 Ton Wire Rope Hoist
normal electric hoist
CD Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Why Did The Customer Cooperate With Aicrane?

  • The customer in Uzbekistan found Aicrane at Google, and he browsed the description of our production, services and many cases to different countries. Once he had a rudimentary trust in us, he sent an inquiry. After that, our project consultant contacted with the customer and provided the 10 ton CD wire rope hoist solution for him.
  • The customer was satisfied with the solution and the quotation, and then he determined to cooperated with us. The hoist is delivered to Uzbekistan now, and it will reach its destination on time. When the machine arrives in Uzbekistan, our engineers will provide guidance online. Besides, we have branch office in Uzbekistan, which can guarantee the machine maintenance and accessories providing.
Aicrane Service Team
Aicrane Service Team
Aicrane engineers

What Kinds Of Cranes Can Work With The Hoist?

Aicrane has AQ-LD single girder hoist overhead crane, AQ-LX underhung bridge crane, AQ-MH single girder gantry crane, which can be equipped with the normal wire rope hoist. For many European standard overhead crane and gantry crane, we can provide European type wire rope hoist to match the crane.

In addition to these two kinds of hoists, you can also find metallurgical electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist and chain hoist in Aicrane. Most of our customers purchase overhead cranes or gantry cranes together with our hoists, and our engineers can offer the most suitable solutions for customers. Welcome to contact us to know more information.

AQ-LD eot crane
AQ-LD Overhead Crane
under running overhead crane
AQ-LX Underhung Bridge Crane
single girder gantry crane for sale
AQ-MH Gantry Crane

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