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Delivery Of 10 Ton European Type Double Girder Overhead Crane To Russia

Aicrane has delivered a 10 ton AQ-QDX European standard double girder overhead crane to Russia. The span of the crane is 22.5m, and the lifting height is 12m. It is with European standard design. The customer will use this crane to lift granite blocks in the factory. Please continue to read this post.

  • crane main beam
    Main Beam Of The Crane

Production Of The 10 Ton Overhead Crane In Aicrane Factory

In the following video, we can see the crane production in our factory. Aicrane is a powerful overhead crane supplier, which has a large-scale factory. Our factory can guarantee fast production and the quality of the crane. During production, many videos and pictures of the crane production have been sent to the customer.

Delivery Of The Overhead Crane To Russia

The steel frames of the crane are packed in waterproof color band cloth. For the trolley and other electrical devices, we adopt wooden boxes to pack them, which can protect them from collision. The crane will arrive in Russia on time because our shipping department are skilled to solve many shipping problems to Russia.

overhead crane delivery
Crane Dleivery
bridge crane delivery

How To Install The AQ-QDX European Standard Overhead Crane?

About the crane installation, our customer service team have arranged installation in advance. According to the customer’s demands, Aicrane will dispatch engineers to Russia for installation guidance. The following video is about the main beam connection, guardrail installation, bridge platform installation, end beam connection, main beam installation, and ladder installation, etc

Why Did The Russian Customer Choose Aicrane?

  • Suitable Crane Solution: When our project consultant talked with the customer, he said he needed a 10 ton double girder bridge crane with high performance. Because the customer had enough budget, our staff recommended the AQ-QDX European standard overhead crane to him.  This kind of crane is with free maintenance design, light dead weight, high work duty, and frequency conversion operation.
  • Installation Support: During communication, the customer was more concerned about whether our company could provide installation service. We told the customer that Aicrane could provide customers with one-stop service, and then the customer determined to purchase the crane from our company. Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about the crane our service.

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