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Delivery Of 10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts To The US

Good news! Aicrane has delivered two 10 ton trackless transfer carts to the US. These two electric flat carts will be used to transfer granite slabs in the customer’s plant. They are operated by remote control and the table is designed as U-frame in accordance with the customer’s requirements. If you have interest in the machine, please keep reading this post.

Aicrane electric flat cart
Trackless Transfer Cart For Sale

Technical Parameters Of Aicrane Trackless Transfer Cart

Parameters Of AQ-BWP
Load capacity2t~100t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1080~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Control modebutton / remote control

What Are The Features Of The Trackless Transfer Cart For The US?

  • This electric flat cart is powered by battery, which has safe and easy operation.
  • It is equipped with solid PU rubber wheel, which has the advantage of good mobility.
  • Trackless flat cart can directly run on the ground, and the user needn’t install the rail on the ground. Compared with rail transfer cart, it is more flexible and the wheels are different.
  • In this case, the table of this electric transfer cart is with U-frame design, which is suitable for the loads which are scattered easily.
electric flat cart in Aicrane
10 Ton Transfer Cart For The US
10 ton flat cart
Electric Flat Cart For Sale

Production Of Two Trackless Transfer Carts In Aicrane Factory

In Aicrane factory, there are skilled production team, advanced production machines and technologies to guarantee the professional transfer cart production. The following pictures are taken by our customer service team, and they are sent to our customer during the machine production. Our customer said that he was very confident about the quality of this product.

flat cart production
Production Of Trackless Transfer Cart
electric flat cart production
Production In Aicrane Factory
10 ton track cart production
Transfer Cart Production

Package & Delivery Of Two Transfer Carts

Both of these two transfer carts are packed in export wooden boxes, which have the collision prevention. Now, the trackless transfer carts are delivered to the US successfully, and they will arrive in the US on time.

Package Of The Transfer Cart

How About Aicrane Rail Transfer Cart?

In addition to the trackless transfer cart, we also have rail transfer cart for sale. For example, the AQ-KPX battery transfer cart, AQ-KPJ cable powered transfer trolley, and AQ-KPD low-voltage rail powered transfer cart, etc. Welcome to contact us if you need a transfer cart.

battery flat cart for sale
AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart
cable transfer cart
Cable Drum Powered Flat Cart
Rail Powered Cart
AQ-KPD Rail Powered Transfer Cart

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