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Installation Of 12T Hydraulic Waterfall Winch In Philippines

The 12 ton waterfall winch has been installed on the deck of the customer’s ship at Manila Port. This winch for Philippines is with double beam, and it is powered by the hydraulic pump station. The customer will use it for positioning the ship. Please keep reading this post.

waterfall winch in Philippines
12 Ton Waterfall Winch In Philippines

Technical Parameters Of The 12 Ton Hydraulic Waterfall Winch

Lifting capacity 12T
Working pressure ~12.5Mpa
Oil tank capacity ~1600
Electric Motor 45kW 220V/60Hz
Power Source Hydraulic pump station

Installation Of The Hydraulic Waterfall Winch In Philippines

Aicrane has built an overseas branch in Philippines for faster and better service. Therefore, we can dispatch engineers to the installation site fast. Because of the help of our installation team, the installation process was smooth. The following pictures are about the hydraulic pump station installation and electrical cabinet installation, etc.

waterfall winch installation
Winch Installation In Philippines
installation of hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump Station Installation
electrical cabinet of the waterfall winch
Electrical Cabinet Installation

Debugging Video Of The Waterfall Winch In Philippines

Through the following video, we can see that the marine winch can operate well when debugging. The customer was satisfied with the winch, and we believe the winch will help them improve the working efficiency.

Manila – A Beautiful & Fascinating City

When we were in Manila, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and visited the shopping mall in Manila, and the following photos were taken by our sales manager. Besides, we tasted sweet mango and other local delicacies in Manila. Manila is a so fascinating city!


Many Factors Affect The Winch Price In Philippines

The winch price Philippines is reasonable, and the price is usually affected by many factors. For example, the lifting capacity of the winch, the power source of the winch, the type of the winch, the drum number, the transportation cost and policy, etc. Welcome to contact Aicrane and you will get the free quotation.

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