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Installation Of 50 Ton Overhead Crane And Steel Structure

Good news! The 50 ton AQ-QD double girder overhead crane and steel structure workshop have been installed successfully in Chile. This crane is used for lifting steel products in the workshop. If you have interest in the overhead crane and steel structure, please keep reading this post.

high-quality double girder overhead crane
50 Ton Double Girder Bridge Crane In Chile
steel structure and overhead crane
AQ-QD Overhead Crane In Steel Structure Workshop

Installation Of Overhead Crane & Steel Structure Workshop

According to the customer’s requirements, we have dispatched engineers to the installation site, and they helped the customer complete the installation successfully. The following pictures are about the installation process. We can see the steel structure workshop is with crane travelling beam, and the crane will run on the beam.

steel column of steel structure warehouse
Steel Column & Bracket Installation
steel structure workshop installation in Chile
Steel Structure Installation
Installation Team
Installation Team

Why Did The Customer Choose Aicrane?

  • Through the inquiry sent by the customer, we knew that he wanted to invest in the 50 ton overhead crane and steel structure workshop. Aicrane specializes in design and manufacturing not only various overhead cranes but also steel structures. After learning many crane and steel structure cases to different countries, the customer has established a preliminary trust in our company.
  • Our technicians advised the customer to choose the 50 ton AQ-QD double girder bridge crane and provided the most suitable steel structure solution for the customer. The client was satisfied with these solutions.
  • For making the customer know the production progress of these products, our customer service team have updated many pictures for him. The customer thinks highly of Aicrane service, and recently he has placed another order from Aicrane.

Operation Video Of 50 Ton Overhead Crane In Chile

In the following video, we can see that the crane runs smoothly on the track installed on the crane travelling beam of the steel structure workshop. We are always here to expect to cooperate with you.

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