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Pillar Jib Cranes Installed and Used in Uzbekistan

Good News from Uzbekistan! Recently, one of our reputable customers sent us positive feedback of our jib cranes. The customer purchased several pillar mounted jib cranes from our company, and the lifting capacity of the jib cranes is 2 ton. These jib cranes are used in the workshop to handle heavy machines and components.

2ton pillar jib cranes for sale
2ton pillar jib cranes for sale

Features of Pillar Jib Cranes

  • The pillar jib crane has simple structure and easy to install and operate.
  • The pillar mounted jib crane can be used widely in different places and works efficiently.
  • This type of jib crane is easy to maintain and has long service life.
  • It is safe to control and has good work performance.
  • This pillar jib crane has very competitive price and it is ideal choice for the users.

Why Did the Customer Choose Aicrane

This customer has cooperated with us before and has purchased overhead cranes and gantry cranes from our company, he highly recognizes Aicrane products and our professional service.

We have been in Uzbekistan for many years, and we have set up the branch office there, we can provice timely service for the customers any time they need. When this customer needed jib cranes, he contacted our project consultant and told him the requirements.

After knowing the customer’s requirements, our project consultant recommended the 2 ton pillar mounted jib cranes to him and the customer was very satisfied with our solution and price, and he quickly confirmed the order. We both look forward to more cooperation in the future.

pillar jib cranes 2ton
pillar jib cranes 2ton
jib crane for Uzbekistan
jib crane for Uzbekistan

Aicrane Lifting Equipment Solutions for Uzbekistan

In addition to jib cranes, we mainly provide overhead crane, gantry crane, winch, electric hoist, steel structure, transfer cart, RTG crane, RMG crane and other types of lifting equipment for the customers in Uzbekistan.

If you are looking for a reliable and suitable lifting equipment for your business or project, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a right recommendation with reasonable price.

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