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Steel Structure Warehouse

Aicrane specializes in design, production and installation of steel structure warehouse. This kind of single-storey portal steel structure is made of steel materials, which consists of steel column, steel beam, wind column and purlin, etc. It is generally with large span, high strength, strong fire and corrosion resistance, etc.

Aicrane steel frame building
Steel Structure For Sale

Steel Structure Warehouse Cases In UAE

Aicrane has delivered various steel structure warehouses to UAE. The following cases are about the steel frame warehouses together with an overhead crane. According to different customers’ needs, we can provide the ideal products for customers.
Steel Warehouse Building
  • Steel Structure Warehouse For UAE

    We have exported the steel structure for the customer in UAE. This steel structure will be used as a warehouse to store many machines. The customer has many overhead cranes, and the steel warehouse is equipped with crane runway beam.
    The main steel structure is welded H-section steels, and the purlin includes C-type purlin and Z-type purlin. Besides, the roof panel and wall panel are EPS sandwich panel, and the thickness is 50mm.

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crane and steel structure to UAE
  • Steel Structure Workshop Delivered To UAE

    The steel frame warehouse and single girder overhead crane were delivered to UAE. The beams of overhead crane are packed with color band cloth, and many electrical parts are packed in wooden box. Our customer service team has arranged the installation in advance, and the steel structure will be installed under the guidance of Aicrane engineers.

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Steel Structure Cases For Other Countries

The following pictures are about steel structure building in Algeria, steel structure and single girder overhead crane in Uzbekistan, and steel structure and double girder overhead crane in Chile. If you have interest in these cases, welcome to contact us.

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Introduction – Steel Structure Warehouse Design

  • Steel frame warehouse is generally composed of steel column, steel beam, wind-proof column, C-type steel purlin or Z-type steel purlin, rod, horizontal and vertical bracing.
  • The steel structure warehouse can adopt single span, double span, and multiple span, which is determined by the actual working condition.
  • The door and window of the steel frame structure warehouse can be made of PVC or aluminum frame.
  • If the customer need a bridge crane to be used in the warehouse, the crane runway beam design is determined by the technical parameters of the overhead crane for sale.
  • Schematic Diagram Of Portal Steel Structure
single span warehouse
Single Span Steel Structure Warehouse
Steel Structure Warehouse with double span
Double Span Steel Structure Warehouse

steel column of steel structure warehouse
Steel Column & Bracket
steel beam
Steel Beam
Bracing of steel structure

C-Type Steel Purlin
C-Type Steel Purlin
Z-Type Steel Purlin
Z-Type Steel Purlin
Rod of the steel structure

Material Of Steel Frame Warehouse

Main Steel Frame H section steel Q235/Q355 grade steel
Welding Automatic submerged arc welding
Sub Steel Frame Angle brace L50x4, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Cross support Φ20, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Standard bolt Galvanized bolt
Roof Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Roof panel Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Walls Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Wall Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Doors Rolling door/sliding door Automatic or manual
Windows Sliding/fixed/shutter Aluminum or PVC window frame

What Are The Advantages Of Steel Structure Warehouse For UAE?

  • Environment Protection: The steel structure is with low carbon, and energy saving. The demolition of steel structure buildings produce little construction waste and the steel can be recycled.
  • Reasonable Cost: Steel frame warehouse has light dead weight, fast construction speed, which can reduce the foundation cost and labour cost. The comprehensive economic benefit of steel structure is much better than that of concrete structure.
  • Long Service Life: The basic design cycle of portal steel structure is 50 years. During the service life, it is subject to the surrounding environment, local climate conditions and maintenance conditions. As long as the steel structure project is inspected regularly and has proper anti-corrosion maintenance, the service life is generally more than 50 years.
  • High Degree Of Industrialization: Our factory splits the production drawing by precise detail drawing, and adopts professional processing equipment for steel structure warehouse production. We can guarantee the product quality and control the production progress.
steel warehouse building
Steel Frame Warehouse For Sale

How Can Aicrane Provide The Accurate Quotation For Customers?

The steel structure warehouse price is generally affected by different factors. In addition to many external factors like transportation cost and the policy influence, the price is also affected by the finished steel frame structure solutions offered by our technicians. If you want to get a more accurate product quotation, you had better tell us the following information.

Building Dimension
Roof & Lighting Materials
Crane Runway Beam

  • 1. Building dimension: The dimension of the steel structure should be determined. The steel building with larger area will need more steel materials, and the price will be higher.
  • 2. Span: For the steel structure warehouse, there are single span, double span and multi span design for your choices. The single span steel structure is with two rows of steel columns while the double span steel structure is usually with three rows of columns. The double span design steel building has more complicated design and production, and it is usually with higher price than single span steel structure.
  • 3. Roof materials & Lighting panels: We have three types of roof protection materials, which have different prices. You can choose the single layer colored steel tile, colored steel tile sandwich board, and single layer colored steel plate + thermal insulation cotton + steel wire mesh. Besides, if the customer needs lighting panels around the walls, the lighting panels will cause extra costs.
  • 4. Crane runway beam: If there will be an overhead crane installed in the building, the warehouse should be equipped with bracket and crane travelling beam, which will also need more materials, and the steel structure warehouse should be adjusted.
Color Steel Tile
Single Layer Color Steel Tile
Sandwich Board of steel structure
Sandwich Board
Lighting Panel of steel structure
Lighting Panel

What Is The Steel Structure Project Process?

From getting the inquiry to steel structure installation and maintenance, Aicrane can offer one-stop service for customers. The following contents are about the steel structure project process. If you plan to invest in the portal steel structure, welcome to contact with our project consultant.

Determine Building Plan

When we receive the inquiry, we will communicate with customers to determine the building plan. Aicrane project consultants and technicians can provide the most suitable steel frame warehouse solutions according to the specific requirements of customers.

Model Calculation

Our engineers complete the model calculation of steel structure (determining the amount of various materials), and draw the steel frame structure arrangement plan.

Production And Inspection

The steel structure will be produced and inspected in the processing plant. Our factory has professional production team, production machine and we also have advanced technologies.

Installation And Maintenance

About the installation and maintenance of the building, Aicrane usually dispatches engineers to the installation site to help customers complete the steel structure installation. Besides, we have a warehouse in Dubai to store accessories, which can guarantee better maintenance service.

Aicrane Factory And Service Team Show

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How To Choose The Ideal Steel Structure Warehouse?

Basic Geometric And Architectural Functions

We should know the length, width, height (for slope roof, the cornice height can be determined), column spacing (the economic column spacing of steel portal frame is 6-8m), span, building application and specific building function of the steel structure. Besides, whether the house needs insulation (determine the type of plate) and the wall type should be determined.

Natural Features

  • Reference wind pressure: The unit of wind pressure is kN/m^2 or Kpa. If customers cannot provide the wind pressure information, Aicrane can also know the local maximum wind speed for year.
  • Reference snow pressure: The unit of snow pressure is kN/m^2 or Kpa, and the the special attention should be paid to cold regions where heavy snow is common.
  • Seismic information: Temperature control and epidemic prevention: It can cause long-term effects on poultry production.
  • Extreme low temperature: In severe cold areas, it is necessary to know whether there is a long period of periodic low temperature weather. If the long-term temperature in a region is lower than 0℃ or even lower than -20℃, the quality grade of the steel materials should be higher.

How Can We Guarantee The Welding Quality?

We adopt the non-destructive testing method, which does not affect the use of the workpiece. Commonly used as follows: Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Penetration Testing, Magnetic Testing and Electromagnetism or Eddy current Testing.

Ultrasonic Testing and Penetration Testing are the most commonly used because they are convenient but only suitable for local inspection. For large castings or forging parts, we can use Radiographic Testing.

What Production Machines Does Aicrane Have?

Aicrane has many production machines in the factory, including porous tapping machine, CNC drilling machine, intersection line equipment, CNC cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, assembling machine of H-beam, gantry submerged arc welding machine, and V-780 tile machine. These advanced machines and our technologies can guarantee the product quality.

What Payment Methods Can Be Accepted?

Customers can adopt many payment methods like T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. What’s more, we also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

What About The Development Of Steel Structure In China?

The Early Peak Period

  • In 1949, the steel output was only 160,000 tons. Later, with the economic and technological support of the Soviet Union, 156 construction projects were built and expanded in the 1950s. Steel structure manufacturing plants have been built and installation (construction) companies have been established.
  • Many steel structure industrial plants have been built in a few years, and laid the foundation for our heavy industry. In addition to the outstanding construction achievements, the level of steel structure design, manufacturing and installation has also been greatly improved. A number of steel structure technical team has been the backbone of the steel structure industry for decades.

Low Tide Period

Although the metallurgical industry has a great development, but the departments need more and more steel. The policy of saving steel in the construction industry was put forward, which limits the rational use and development of steel structure.

Development Period

From 1980s to 1990s, these 20 years should be a prosperous time for the development of steel structure. Because steel structure has some unique advantages, it has become the main structure in construction projects. In particular, the output of steel continues to rise, reaching 100 million tons in 1997, which creates favorable conditions for the development of steel structure. In 1998, our country could already produce H-beam and offer new rolling series for steel structure.

Strong Period

  • In recent 20 years, the development of steel structure engineering is unprecedented in terms of its wide scope and rapid development. Our country can also be called the world steel structure major country. In 2006, steel output reached 400 million tons, ranking first in the world for the first time. World-famous steel structures have also been built in China, such as the new venues for the Beijing Olympic Games and the national venues for the Shanghai World Expo.
  • With the promotion of prefabricated buildings in China and the rapid development of foreign trade and construction projects, steel structure has been more and more active in the domestic and foreign construction market, showing an unparalleled upward momentum.

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