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5 Ton Explosion-Proof Hoist Saudi Arabia Was On The Way

Congratulations! Aicrane has shipped a 5 ton explosion-proof wire rope hoist to Saudi Arabia. This hoist will be used together with the customer’s explosion proof overhead crane to transfer many machine components, which is installed in the industrial plant. It will arrive in Saudi Arabia on time.

5 ton electric hoist
5 Ton Hoist To Saudi Arabia
5 ton wire rope hoist for sale
5 Ton Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist

Technical Parameters Of Explosion Proof Hoist To Saudi Arabia

Parameters Of The 5T Explosion Proof Hoist
Lifting capacity5t
Lifting height6m
Lifting speed8 m/min
Travelling speed10 m/min
Working gradeM3

Cooperation Process Of 5 Ton Hoist For Saudi Arabia

  • The customer sent an inquiry to us, and he said that he needed a 5 ton hoist for his industrial factory with explosive gases.
  • Our project consultant adviced the customer to choose the 5 ton explosion-proof hoist, and then our technician determined the technical parameters according to the customer’ requirements, the materials to be loaded and the parameters of the customer’s overhead crane.
  • The customer was satisfied with the hoist solution, and the hoist was put into production in our own factory. The customer has received many production pictures during production, which is provided by Aicrane customer service team.
  • After production, the hoist has passed our strict inspection in the factory, and then it was delivered to Saudi Arabia. Besides, the hoist will be installed under the guidance online of our engineers. Generally, the hoist has easy installation.

What About The Package & Delivery Of 5 Ton Explosion Proof Hoist?

For the package, we adopt wooden box to pack the hoist, and the explosion-proof electrical devices are packed in the cardboard box. After package, this electric hoist was delivered to Saudi Arabia. Our customer service team has arranged the shipping items, and our shipping department also solved many shipping items. This hoist will reach its destination on time.

electric hoist package
Hoist Package
Explosion Proof Hoist For Sale

Looking Forward To Working With You!

If you also need a hoist for your business, welcome to contact us. In addition to the explosion-proof hoist, we also have normal wire rope hoist, chain hoist, European wire rope hoist, etc. Expect to cooperate with you.

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