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Steel Grid Structure

Steel grid structure is a form of construction composed of many steel rods, all rod pipes joint and form a whole through bolt balls. It is the structural system with high structural reliability under the premise of large span. In recent years, the vast majority of large span roofs in engineering cases are steel grid structure.

Aicrane Grid Steel Structure
Grid Steel Structure

What Are The Grid Steel Structure Applications?

We usually see the steel grid structure in our life, such as the roof of aircraft hangar, gas station, gymnasium, grandstand canopy, stadium, waiting hall, exhibition hall, theaters and tacking shed, etc. The grid steel structures with various applications can meet different customers’ building requirements. If you plan to invest in the steel grid building, welcome to contact with Aicrane project consultant.

Aicrane steel grid building

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Why Does Many Customers Choose Steel Grid Structure?

  • Grid steel structure is with good integrity, high spatial stiffness and very stable structure, which has various applications.
  • The appearance can cover a variety of shapes, which is beautiful and generous to meet the clients’ requirements of various building project.
  • Steel gird building uses less steel, and the cost of the grid steel frame is the most competitive for long span structure. It is the most economical structural form for the achievable span roof.
  • The installation cycle is relatively short, and the customer can save the labor cost. For installation, the experienced staffs can achieve fast installation relying on the installation drawings.
  • Steel grid frame has excellent seismic performance, and the structure absorbs a lot of energy and transmits it to the support through the rods. It is suitable for large-span rood construction in high seismic intensity area.
  • This kind of steel structure relies on the axial force of the rod to transfer the load, and the material strength is fully utilized. The material utilization rate of the axial bearing components is much higher than that of the flexural parts, so it is the most ideal bearing form, which can save steel material and reduce the dead weight.
  • It is with fast production speed, high degree of industrialization, and relatively low shipping cost, and it is convenient for container loading and shipping. Besides, the components occupy relatively small space, which can maximize the use of containers and meet customers’ high requirements for quality and production period.

What Are The Components Of Grid Steel Structure?

Grid steel structure consists of many rods, bolt balls, gutter support and roof protection materials. The bolt ball is applied for connecting many steel rods at a point, which plays an important role in steel grid buildings, and it is made of 45# high-quality steel.

For the roof protection materials, the single layer colored steel tile is widely used as the roof protection material of steel grid structure. Because this kind of material is lighter than colored steel sandwich board. The thickness of common colored steel tile is less than 0.8mm. In addition to light weight, the single layer colored steel tile also has other advantages like convenient construction, high strength, rainproof, earthquake resistance and fire prevention, etc.

Color Steel Tile
Single Layer Color Steel Tile
Bolt Balls of the steel structure
Bolt Balls
Pained Rods of the steel structure
Pained Rods

Many Factors Will Affect The Grid Steel Structure Price

  • The Size Of The Structure: During cooperation, the appearance and the size of the steel structure should be determined. The steel structure with larger size will use more steel materials, and the cost of production and materials will be higher.
  • Roof Protection Materials Cost: The steel grid warehouse, hangar, exhibition hall, gas station may have different requirements for the roof protection materials. The cost of roof protection materials will influence the steel structure price.
  • Raw Materials Cost And Transportation Cost: The fluctuation of sea freight and the price of raw materials will affect the steel structure price. The main raw material of the steel structure is steel.
grid steel structure from Aicrane
Steel Grid Structure For Sale

How About Aicrane Grid Steel Structure Project?

  • After years of production accumulation, Aicrane has developed own factory, production team, and steel grid structure solutions providing team, and we provide customers with various steel structure products.
  • In production, we strictly control the manufacturing details of each process, manufacture first-class quality products through refined production management, and build our core competition.
  • In our factory, you can see many precise production equipment, which is the biggest guarantee to ensure production quality. Besides, our factory has a number of advanced steel structure production lines. Our company advocates advanced and scientific processing technology, and provides quality and progress guarantee for the manufacture of steel grid frame with meticulous work attitude.

Enjoy Aicrane One-Stop Service For Customers In UAE

From steel structure solutions providing to installation and maintenance, customers can enjoy Aicrane one-stop service. If you want to get more grid steel structure information, welcome to contact with our project consultant.

Steel Structure Solutions Providing

When we receive the inquiry, our project consultants and technicians will communicate with customers to determine the steel building plan. The always provide the most suitable steel structure solutions for customers, and our customers usually think highly of our service.

Customer Service

We have professional customer service team to solve many problems for customers. They commonly sent production pictures for customers in the process of production. Besides, they will arrange shipping and installation issures in advance. Our customer service team is important for maintaining customer relationship.

Installation Support

The installation of steel structure is generally completed under the help of our installation team. We can dispatch engineers to the installation site for guidance. Our customers are satisfied with Aicrane installation service.

Maintenance Support

We have warehouse in Dubai to guarantee the maintenance support, which can store different accessories. The customers can quickly get the replacement. If you come from Dubai, welcome to see our warehouse.

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  • Aicrane Project Consultant For the UAE


What Is Steel Structure?

The steel structure is a metal structure which is made of structural steel components connected to each other to carry loads and provide rigidity. Because of the high strength of steel, these structures are reliable and require less raw material than some other types of structure such as concrete.

What Other Steel Structures Can We Provide?

In addition to grid steel structure, we can also provide the steel structure workshop, steel structure warehouse and many overhead cranes foe customers. All of our steel structures have high quality and the raw materials are reliable.

Material Of Steel Structure Building

Main Steel Frame H section steel Q235/Q355 grade steel
Welding Automatic submerged arc welding
Sub Steel Frame Angle brace L50x4, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Cross support Φ20, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Standard bolt Galvanized bolt
Roof Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Roof panel Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Walls Purlin C#160,C#180,C#250, galvanized
Wall Insulated sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
Doors Rolling door/sliding door Automatic or manual
Windows Sliding/fixed/shutter Aluminum or PVC window frame

How is Our Grid Steel Structure Packed?

About the package of this kind of product, we use the waterproof plastic film to pack the rods. In addition, the bolt balls are usually packed in the special box, which can guarantee the neat arrangement and have the function of collision prevention.

What About The Welding Process?

We mainly use double gun gantry welding, automatic welding and manual welding. Double gun gantry welding is often used for big and long welding line, like the side plate and cover plate, which has high efficiency and good straightness of welding line and can reduce welding deformation.

Automatic (arc) welding usually means submerged arc welding, which is usually used for small welding line and corners. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, high welding quality and stability, saving material and power consumption, improving working conditions and reduce labor intensity, etc. In addition, manual welding is mainly used for some places that automatic welding can not reach.

What Are Aicrane Payment Methods?

We can accept many payment methods like T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. We can also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

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